Wednesday, 1 December 2010

W.I.P. Wednesday

The boys, and their friends in the street, have finished their igloo now. Yesterday afternoon James took my phone out and made a little video showing off the igloo, so that is this week's WIP.

There are two clips because when he went into the smaller igloo, which they call the 'council' because they have their meetings there, the lantern wasn't on and it was too dark to see anything so he made a second clip.

I can't believe that the snow is still falling. Last winter was the worst we have had here for many years, but the snow then didn't fall this deep this quickly or this early. Every night I look out and think, it can't get much deeper, and then the next morning it is!

School is cancelled until Monday now as well.

Our car! Look at the little car across from us, just to the right though - it has almost disappeared!

The boys and I took a walk to our local shop this afternoon. It is only a mile away but was quite a trek through such deep snow. Here it is almost up to Calum's waist.

When we got to the shop there was absolutely no fresh produce. No eggs, milk, cheese, meat, veg, fruit. Thankfully our freezer is well stocked. I  just wanted some cheese and eggs but I have enough eggs for a couple of days and we can survive without cheese!

The main road.

The back garden now.

And at the risk of information overload, I took this wee clip as we went to the shop today because I thought a   video would show the depth better. I had to share it though because the sound effects at the start are so funny. I was carrying Alasdair in the baby sling (yes, he is getting quite heavy for it now) and so you can hear his sweet little babbles. There is also some more Scottish accents for my American friends.

Oh, yes, and I was also on the Gaelic radio earlier today, talking a bit about the work the charity my husband works for is doing with the homeless through the winter. I know the large majority of readers won't understand a word of it, but the link is here and I am at 3.55mins and 12.35mins, just in case you want to hear some Gaelic being spoken!

Now I really have gone for information overload!


  1. Wow! You have much more snow than we have - that's to be expected. I love it, I must say, although I suppose if it was as deep as you have it and it carried on day after day I may just have second thoughts.
    Lovely seeing the kids in it though!
    Happy trekking! x

  2. The igloos are great! Your son did such a good job with the videos!

    You have SO much snow! We just got our first snow today. It was only a little one, but we still got out to play in it a little bit.

    Alasdair sounded so sweet making his little baby sounds in the video. I always love hearing your accents too. :)

  3. That snow is amazing! I can't believe you walked that far in that deep snow with a baby!

    Love the igloo & the accents. My husband and I (who both love languages) enjoyed listening to some of the Gaelic on the radio link.

    Thanks so much for sharing!

  4. Totally blown away with all your snow!! I am flabbergasted.

    When I married, I was thrown into a ready made family of all boys.. 3 of them. 20- 18- 16.... Boy was that a wake up call but we all seem to get along after they understood my military upbringing and how things needed to change. It sure was a learning experience. Now they are all married with boys of their own.

    Blessing to you all each and every day.

  5. Kirsteen the snow is so perfect. Perfect for snow balls and building igloos! I loved loved LOVED the video clip! Hearing all the voices and imagining the little one snuggled against his brave mommy. SO SWEET! I am sure the boys are sleeping soundly from all this snow exercise! Whew! I am off to listen to your Gaelic! YAYY!


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