Thursday, 2 December 2010

Thursday things

Normally Thursday is Recipe of the Week day but my little man has been a bit under the weather today with a wheezy cough and a bit of a temperature, so I didn't get my Thursday baking done. He would sit on my knee for the best part of the day any day if he could, but today even more so. There is something quite nice about snuggling up on the sofa with a blanket while the snow falls outside (yes, it's still falling!) The older boys are desperate to make our first batch of Christmas biscuits though, so maybe tomorrow.

After yesterday's futile visit to the local shop, my neighbour called round this morning to say that she and her husband were heading off to trek to the nearest supermarket (maybe about 2 miles away) to see if it was better stocked. They returned from their expedition with some milk and eggs for me, although the first supermarket they tried was in the same state as our local shop, so they had walked on to the next store, which is about 10 minutes further on.

Snuggling up with a sleeping baby all day has given me a good chance to crack on with some crochet today too, although not my TOP SECRET ones with the boys around obviously!

Gaelic word of the day:
fuar (foo-ar) - cold


  1. Nothing I loved more than being snuggled up on the sofa with a child who was slightly under the weather. Precious x

  2. Hope he's feeling better! You must have about 8ft of snow by now, huh?! ;)

  3. We just had our first flurry of snow this evening; I saw it right before Josiah's choir concert, and it was the crowning touch to a perfect evening. I can't wait until we have more!

    This post was so cozy; I loved reading it.

    Your Christmas background looks great!

  4. Everything sounds very cozy. It sure sounds *fuar* ;)

    I am sorry little Alasdair isn't feeling well. I hope he is better now. But I am glad you were able to catch up on some crocheting! Can't wait to see all your projects!


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