Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Christmas baking continues...

Last night the temperature here was -18C, although the postie claims that when he started work this morning it was as low as -22C! During the day it didn't even get close to 0C, I think the maximum daytime temperature today was -6C.

Perfect conditions for a spot more baking!

~~~Today I made the cranberry sauce for Christmas:

500g fresh cranberries
100g brown sugar
2 oranges, zest of one and juice of both
5 cloves
1 cinnamon stick
1 slug of port (optional)

Just put everything in the pan and cook gently until the berries pop and the sauce thickens.

I have now frozen this until the big day but it keeps for about a week or so in the fridge. I'm planning on adding another slug of port once it's defrosted too. 

Oh, and remember to take the cinnamon stick out before freezing!

~~~I also made a double batch of Mum's Never-Fail Gingerbread.

One big one and the small one are for the freezer.

~~~A batch of Christmas biscuits (tomorrow's recipe)

~~~And some toffee popcorn for Calum's little cinema that he made up today.

He made up the tickets and sign, James made the cones for the popcorn and we all snuggled up and watched Finding Nemo this afternoon.

Gaelic word(s) of the day:
uabhasach fuar (oo-av-a-sach  foo-ar) - Awfully, or dreadfully, cold! 


  1. I'm in awe, Kirsteen. That's some really impressive stuff you've been cooking up.
    I can't get over your temperatures. It's really like nothing we've known in Scotland - not for a long time at least. Up here, we're at, or slightly above freezing today, but that means wind and rain :(
    I loved the wintry weather, though that's easy for me to say cos I don't need to be out and about! x

  2. Must agree, completely amazing the 'stuff' you've been whipping up there! The boys must really look forward to their dinner on Christmas day!

    Funny (what different weather we have just over 20 miles away here from Anne), we've had no wind or rain today, just a bit of snow at one point, no wind, and it seems to be freezing, although not so cold as it was last week.
    Dawn x

  3. I love the wintry weather too but surely in this day and age we should be able to keep the roads clear and the trains running?!

    It's now been three days since our last proper snowfall, and although everyone in our street does their bit to help clear the road, there is only so much you can do without grit (the grit bin has been empty since about the second day of the snow, about 10 days ago). Our road is solid frozen snow with a few night's worth of ice on top. The pavements are still knee deep in snow round here too.

    Rant over! :0)

  4. Well, I have been a little behind on my blogging and I see that I have missed many delightful posts. I guess it makes a nice moment of peace while I catch up on all your comings and goings. I went all the way back to the Kilts, which I loved by the way. All your baking is inspiring, and I would love to make that pudding. I have never made one before, but have alway wanted to. If I get myself on top of what I have going on, I will give it a try. Love the little guy's cinema. Such a happy cozy thing to do, tell him I would have loved to come and join in.

    Sounds cold there. It has been amazingly warm here. We usually have more snow by this time.

    Many Blessings,

  5. Mmmm, Kirsteen, these look really good! (What is port? ..I'm not sure..) Your son making a little theater sounds so fun! :)

  6. O my look at those lovely loaves of ginger bread, yum! All that wonderful baking and cooking, so great and I'm sure the kiddos love it. You are a gifted mom. My son wants to bake bread, and now you have inspired me, my dear bloggy friend.


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