Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Family Trees

Somebody asked me recently about how many people were in my family.

I've already mentioned how surrounded I am by boys.

 I have two brothers. 

One is only thirteen months younger than me. The other is eighteen years younger than him! He was a very nice surprise for everyone, and certainly gave me plenty baby experience before I had my oldest, who was born just before my brother turned three. I obviously thought that a three year age gap was a good one, because there is roughly three years between each of my boys!

My older, younger brother (are you all following?) is married and lives only a few miles away from us here. He and his wife have three boys, aged 8, 6 and 3 (well, he will be 3 on Christmas day!)

I found this photo of us all the other day. It was taken just over a year ago at Alasdair's baptism, when he was four months old. It is the most recent photo of all of us together and we all pretty much look the same now, except maybe the odd haircut, that the boys will all have grown a years worth taller, and of course Alasdair looks totally different! This was during the months that his eczema was at it's worst. You all know what he looks like now though, so use a bit of imagination! 

So the people at the front are:
my mum with our David, me and Alasdair, my beloved, my dad and my middle nephew.
At the back are:
my youngest brother, our James and Calum, my other brother, his oldest son, his wife and their youngest son.

Our boys recently had to find out about their family trees for Boys Brigade and we discovered that my dad can trace his family back to the 1700s! That deserves a whole other post though.

Gaelic word of the day:
teaghlach (chi-lach) - family
(the i in chi should sound as in chin)


  1. Wow, you really are surrounded by boys! I love big family pictures like this! :)

  2. That is such a lovely picture! So nice to have your brothers children the same age as yours and your other brother would get along well with your oldest. Precious x

  3. This is a great family picture of you all! I just love that there are so many boys! What a beautiful family!

    I do hope you post about your dad and his family tree!

  4. What a beautiful family!

    Thank you for sharing the photo with us!



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