Monday, 20 December 2010

Miscellaneous Monday

On Saturday I got my Christmas cake iced, and we had the first slices of it yesterday. I wanted a simple decor on the cake so just made some white hollies and then brushed the icing with some edible glitter powder. I need to get a photo of a slice of the cake and all it's fruity yumminess!

As forecast, we had some heavy snow again yesterday. It was nice to go out walking in the soft new snow. After about 10 days without any snow showers, and constant sub-zero temperatures, our previous snowfall had gone very hard, icy and quite treacherous to walk on. 

When we came back from our Sunday stroll yesterday, James turned our car into a character from Cars the movie!

Alas, there wasn't enough snow to completely cancel all the trains going north. So although there were delays to many trains, my husband still got to go back to work. He will be back on Wednesday this week so that's not so bad really. Only the weather forecast is promising heavy snow for Wednesday too!

The snow is beautiful though. Especially with the temperature being so low. It glistens like jewels in both the sunlight and the moonlight. 

Tomorrow I have lots of holiday baking planned. Chutneys and more fudge. Yum yum!

Gaelic phrase of the day:
Nollaig Chridheil (nollag chree-yal) - Merry Christmas


  1. The cake looks so beautiful! I can't wait to see a picture of the inside of it! The snow sounds so pretty. I am sorry your husband had to still go to work this week, but I am very glad he comes back on wednesday!

    Happy baking friend!

  2. Your cake is so pretty, Kirsteen! I love how your son made your car look like the ones on Cars! He did such a good job! I was really hoping you would have your husband home with you all week. I'm praying he'll get home without any trouble on Wednesday.

    I love how the snow glistens and sparkles too! It is really beautiful. We're supposed to get a bunch on Christmas Eve - I hope we do! Merry Christmas!


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