Friday, 17 December 2010

This time next week.....

.......the excitement in this house will have reached fever pitch!

I think I have most things in hand as far as Christmas planning is going.

The last of the boy's presents arrived in the post today. There have been some serious delays with the post as a result of the snowy weather we have been having. Suddenly today we received four separate parcel deliveries! 

The only parcel I am still waiting on is my husband's present but I am still confident it will be here in time.

The snow settled down enough last weekend, the trains started running again, and my husband got home for the weekend. Despite fresh snow yesterday, the trains are still running and he is on his way home again for this weekend.

There is heavier snow forecast for later in the weekend and I am secretly hoping there is enough to make him snowed in here instead! He will only be away three days next week anyway so he wouldn't miss much!

Gaelic word Phrase of the day:
dìreach ochd lathaichean... (jee-roch ochg la-yeech-een) - just eight days......


  1. Yippe for parcels arriving!! I thankfully have no presents lost in my missing parcels, although there are a very useful pair of boots that would be grand for the snow stuck in some sorting office somewhere for over 2 weeks now!

    When do the schools break up? All the schools here were off today, wonder will we have a white Christmas?!

  2. We have our first Christmas of three tomorrow. We celebrate our own tomorrow, will travel to Indiana to spend Christmas with my husband's family. New Years will be our third Christmas with my parents and sister and her 5 children. It is always fun and exhausting.

    Hope you all enjoy a wonderful Christmas!

  3. This is the first year we've really shopped online and it was so fun getting the packages delivered! I hope your husband gets snowed in at home too! It is really so nice when that happens. :)

  4. I hope he gets snowed in at home!! Yay for packages and presents in the mail. I can feel the boys excitement all the way over here in sunny Florida! A very Merry Christmas Kirsteen :)

  5. Thanks for visiting my blog. I'm actually ready this year; shopping done, treats made, gifts wrapped. This is a huge blessing, as I am usually up until 3am on Christmas eve, lol.


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