Thursday, 23 December 2010

Christmas preparations continue...

Yesterday I got my chutneys made. A couple of jars of Apple & Raisin chutney and 5 jars of Sweet Chilli Jam  (from Nigella's Christmas book). I also made a couple of jars of Onion Marmalade after I took this photo. Most of these are for gifts.

I've just finished my fourth batch of the Baileys & Vanilla fudge from last week. That is, I have just finished making my fourth batch of it, not eating my fourth batch! Most of that has been for gifts too.

 I also received a wonderful package in the post yesterday.

Three little owl potstands from Marie's Shabby Shoppe.

Aren't they so delightful?

They look quite at home by the cooker. The boys love them and we put the biggest one straight to work under a cooling pan of fudge.

Marie's shop is so lovely. She has great taste!

The food preparations are under way. I'm hoping to have all the veg prepared tomorrow, the stuffing made and the starter made so that on Christmas day all I have to do is cook the food and not spend most of the day in the kitchen.

Our planned menu will be:

Prawn Cocktail, Smoked Salmon Pate and oatcakes
(Calum is making the Prawn Cocktail sauce)

Turkey, pork & apple stuffing, pork & chestnut stuffing, roast potatoes, honeyed roast parsnips, red cabbage, stir-fried sprouts, mashed carrots, bread sauce & cranberry sauce.

Christmas Pudding 
Nigella's Orange & Lime Ice Cream 
(we tried this out with Christmas pud a few years back and it works a treat) 
Chocolate Log
Profiteroles (maybe, we'll see how time goes tomorrow, but James is keen to have them!)

Tea & Coffee with Bailey's Fudge

A couple of weekends ago my beloved suggested that I treat my self to a new outfit for Christmas day so this is what I plan to wear.

The shoes aren't new and I haven't decided which to wear yet either. 

Alasdair ran off with one of these just as I was about to take the photo!

Tomorrow I'm hoping to get the boys to sing a quick Gaelic Christmas song for the blog, so even though it is Christmas Eve and everyone will be busy, pop by quickly if you can!


  1. Oh my goodness Kirsteen, I can't get over how lovely you will look with that gorgeous outfit! Both pairs of shoes are so sweet too. And I loved seeing those owls in your kitchen, makes me so happy they are in your cozy home with your sweet family.

    I am also drooling over your Christmas dinner and desserts. I love the bailey's fudge, I might have to make this. You get me all inspired for Christmas. And yes I can't wait to peek in tomorrow for the Gaeic Christmas song from the boys!!
    Merry Christmas dear friend!


  2. Your Christmas dinner menu sounds yummy. We always do our dressing up and special dinner on Christmas Eve, so I am excited about tomorrow! I can't wait to see your boys singing! If I don't get to come by tomorrow, I will definitely look for it when I'm back! Your outfit looks lovely! Love your shoes too!!

    Merry Christmas, Kirsteen!! :)

  3. Marie told me over the phone today to check your blog and I saved it for my quiet time right before bed. The kitchen is clean, the baby asleep and I quickly came to your post!

    And what a post! Your dress is DIVINE! You have beautiful taste! Both pairs of shoes are so pretty, I don't know how you are going to decide. The Christmas menu sounds wonderful and I can't wait to pop over tomorrow to see and hear the boys sing their song! Ohhh and the owls look so snug and cozy in your kitchen! The look so cute against the wall like you have them!

    I plan on being in the kitchen mostly tomorrow. I will be baking Nigella's Tiramisu from her Christmas book and I am so excited!

    Merry Christmas friend! I'll check back tomorrow :)


  4. I love your Chutney jars in the window. It looks like a Christmas postcard. So nice to catch up and peek into your Christmassy home. It is all delightful. It is cute that you are making Nigella's recipes, and when I talk to Marie and Elizabeth, they are making one of her recipes as well; What was funny was that they both are making the same thing, but didn't plan it that way. Such a pretty dress.
    The owls look cute.
    Merry Christmas to you and your family Kirsteen.
    Much Love,


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