Thursday, 22 July 2010

Robin Hood and his merry men

After popping into the supermarket for a couple of things today, and I really did just buy the things I had planned to buy, I ended up buying an archery set too! We had seen it a few weeks ago and the boys were desperate for it. Today it was reduced in price so I was persuaded. I'm glad I was, as the boys had a great afternoon with it, and they have big plans for it when we get to Granny and Shen's (my parents) island croft.

When James (10) was trying it out this afternoon, Calum (7) came running out of the house with an apple shouting, 'Who wants to play William Tell?!' He then ran over to the shed and stood there with the apple on his head!

At this point I should mention that although I firmly believe that boys should be allowed to be boys, these are not real arrows and have suckers on the end!

Here is my handsome and strongwilled little David (4) keeping up with his brothers.

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