Monday, 7 February 2011

Burns Supper

Every year my husband's sister hosts a Burns Supper. This year's supper was a little later than usual as she had something else on last weekend, when it would usually have taken place.

In the past it was a much smaller affair with only a few close friends and family there. The girls would get together a few weeks beforehand and write a funny song about the boys, using the melody from any well known Scots tune, and the boys would do likewise about the girls. It was usually a source of great hilarity.

Now though, it has grown and grown, with about 30 people there this year. At my sister-in-law's church there are a lot of students so it seems that every year there are quite a few new folk invited. While it is nice to meet new people, I must say I do miss the intimacy of the old days (and by old days I only mean about 5 years ago!) The evening is still good fun with haggis, neeps and tatties provided by my SIL; we all bring deserts; there was a fun Scottish quiz and then a Scottish sing-a-long to finish. I don't mean to boast, but the team The Mighty Murrays (myself, hubs and our two oldest boys) were victorious in the quiz :0)

Sit back and enjoy (quite) a few photos of the evening.

You can tell we've just arrived because shirts are pretty much still tucked in and socks are just about all
 still up!

Daddy's boy

Another giant chocolate cupcake

David and a couple of the other boys who were there (he doesn't take long making friends!)

....Enjoying the giant chocolate cupcake...

Calum loves Auntie Anna's collie dog, Cuilean.

I love this picture of my husband!

Alasdair loves Cuilean too.

The boys song a sang of their own...

...then David sang a solo....

...then everyone had a sing-song.

The Mighty Murrays ready to leave.

Our quiz prize!

Back home again in the calm, quiet houseful of boys.

Thank you so much to those who are praying for the family in the post below. It's all that we can do in such a time.


  1. Good morning!

    How would a Minnesotan pronounce Auntie Anna's dog's name?

    There is nothing so handsome as kilted men, of any ages!


  2. Oh yes, Bridget, good point! :0)

    I should have said Cuilean is pronounced Coo-lan, whether you are in Scotland or Minnesota!

    It is the Gaelic for doggy, or little dog/puppy (although he is far from little!)

    I'm glad you agree about the kilts!

  3. Looks like lots of fun, the boys suit their kilts! xx

  4. Oh I so enjoyed this post (when do I not enjoy a post of yours?:P) and all the pictures! Such a hansom family! And yippee for winning the challenge!

    I have been praying for the family and all that they are going through right now. So so sad...

    Much love Kirsteen.


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