Sunday, 12 September 2010

Birthday Fun

I feel a bit like the Queen, in that I've kind of had two days worth of birthday! Last night we went out for dinner with my husband's family. Today was my actual birthday and I was properly spoiled by all of my boys and my beloved. I was going to say I'll let the photos do the rest of the talking but I'll need to explain some of them too!

My father-in-law, back left, and I share the same birthday so my parents-in-law and sister-in-law came with us all to a restaurant for dinner last night.

Before the food came out we swapped presents. My hubby had passed on the message about the new Nigella book to his parents. I'm looking forward to sitting down and reading it later. More importantly, I'm looking forward to trying out the recipes! My sister-in-law gave me the lovely tweed purse you can see David rummaging through in the background!

The boys started the meal with corn on the cob. The adults skipped starters, opting for desert instead - always a wise choice!

My main was a delicious Thai green chicken curry.

Pudding was an even more delicious chocolate brownie with chocolate sauce and ice-cream.

This morning the boys came bouncing through to our bedroom with my presents. They all climbed into our bed and Alasdair helped me open them. Two beautiful tops and some soap. Then they all went downstairs and helped daddy make the pancakes and set the table.

Saturday mornings my husband coaches shinty at the boys' school. The boys all play too (well, except Alasdair!)  I went along today because we were all heading to Costco afterwards, where we had a cheap and cheerful birthday lunch.

We spent the rest of the afternoon around the house before heading out for a late afternoon coffee at M&S.

Then it was back home, and time for all the boys to help make a birthday dinner feast.

Calum (7) made prawn cocktail for starter. He made the marie rose sauce himself, added the prawns and finished it off with a touch of paprika. (The tomatoes and salad are from my garden.) It was more than just delicious!

My beloved made Cajun Chicken for main course, a future Recipe of the Week no doubt.

David (4) prepared the strawberries for the Strawberry Crumble. Mmmm.....

Finally, in case anyone was still hungry, I had made a sponge cake in the afternoon. I had bought some ready-rolled fondant icing and left James(10) to sandwich the cake together, ice it and decorate it.
He did an amazing job of decorating it I thought!

One truly blessed and thankful birthday girl.


  1. What a sweet, precious family you have. It all looks such fun, and I must say I am really hungry after reading this post. :) (Even more so after I scrolled down and read your oatcake recipe.... I noticed Anne had a post about oatcakes too, but haven't had a chance to read hers yet. I think I am going to have to make some this week.) My daughters love Nigella also. They love to watch her on google/you tube. Now I am getting hungry again...
    Sure enjoyed all the pictures.
    Much love,

  2. Awww, what a wonderful birthday!!

    Your son did an amazing job with the cake! I am so impressed!

    Happy Birthday to you!! :)

  3. Aww wow, what a fabulous birthday you had!! Nothing quite like starting it the night before from the sounds of it :-)

    All that food looks fantastic, I'm feeling quite hungry too now!!

    Hope you treated yourself to an ice cream at Costco, I love their ice cream, yum!

    (oh btw do you use their Marriage flour for baking? I've been stocking up on it and using it for a few years but I ran out of SR flour of it so just bought tesco flour - and the cake didn't rise!! I'm just wondering was it the flour)

  4. No I didn't have the ice-cream but I did have a hot dog!

    I haven't tried their flour, though I was impressed with the price, because for nearly all of my baking now I use the wheat-free stuff. Only if I'm making something I know Calum doesn't like, or doesn't work properly with his flour (like scones) will I use the 'normal' stuff.

  5. Oh of course, silly me! Their flour is a good price, I've seen it in a local health shop and it's about £1.70 per bag, where in Costco it's £4.something for 5 bags.

  6. Looks like you had a terrific birthday! What a sweet family- and you look beautiful.


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