Friday, 10 September 2010

Lego, Lego and more Lego

The best toy ever invented for boys would have to be LEGO. Our boys spend hours and hours and hours playing with the stuff. We have Lego Secret Agents, Lego Police, Lego Farmers, Lego Power Miners, various Lego City Vehicles (including a camper van, Land Rover & horse trailer, lorries and big city garage), a Lego train, Lego Space Police, some Lego Star Wars, Lego Prince of Persia, simple Lego blocks and on and on and on!!

Yesterday was a day of great excitement because a new delivery of Lego arrived. The boys had been saving up their pocket money and we had ordered from the Lego on-line shop. I also ordered a couple of wee extra items I saw because they were just so cute!

David (4), our little farmer, got this little set. He is a bit young to assemble the vehicle sets himself but was able to put this one together.

James (10) chose the Space Police set with Squid-Man. He is a wanted inter-galactic grafitti artist, seen here being chased by the Space Police!

Calum (7), the biggest Lego fan, who reads the Lego magazine almost every night in his bed, had slightly more money to spend as he earned extra by helping paint the hallway. He spent the whole afternoon painting a couple of weeks ago and did an excellent job. He chose this Lego Oil Tanker set.

The first extra I chose was this ice-cube tray.

It makes the cutest little Lego figure ice-cubes!

It's made of silicone so I'm thinking I might try it out with some Dairy-Free chocolate in it and make some really cute little chocolate shapes.

The second extra thing I bought was a salt and pepper set in the shape of Lego man heads. I can't find the photo of them just now though, and since I'm doing this post in such a hurry you'll need to wait until tomorrow to see them!

We are going out to dinner tonight at a lovely little Inn by the canal to celebrate mine and my father-in-law's birthdays, both tomorrow. I'll let you all know about the food in tomorrow's post!


  1. The legos look like so much fun!! I can't wait til our son is a little older, I would like to get a bunch of them and build, build, build!

    I hope you have a great time at dinner. Happy Birthday!!! :)

  2. Lego lasts a lifetime too - Calvin plays with the lego my brother and I had when we were wee (but only at my mums house, my brother is very protective of his lego still!!!!).
    What cute models!
    Hope you had a lovely birthday x

  3. What fun legos! I cannot get over the lego ice maker! So cool!


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