Monday, 27 September 2010

A Sunday Stroll

Yesterday morning we didn't go to our home church. This was because it was the enrolement service for the new year of  the Boy's Brigade and so we went to the church that the company is associated with. The boys marched down to the front of the church and then at the end of the service took their vows and were presented with their membership cards.

David is so chuffed to be able to finally go to Boy's Brigade now that he is old enough, and also to Monday Club, a church club for Primary School aged children.

On a Sunday we have a big traditional Sunday lunch/dinner mid-afternoon, often with a few folk from church round too. If the weather is good we will all go out for a walk before the evening service. Yesterday, we were home from the morning service earlier than usual, so we thought we would try going for a walk BEFORE dinner. Normally we go somewhere we can walk to from the house but yesterday we jumped in the car and drove 5 minutes away to a country park.

It was a really beautiful, autumn day. 

We started off in the woods, by the river.

Little Alasdair slept through the wooded part of the walk.

We then crossed a bridge over the river.

On the other side we saw some steps going up a steep, muddy hill and Andy said 'Let's go and see what's at the top.' He helped me haul the buggy up the steps and when we got to the top we found....

.....some beautiful open farmland.

We found a farm road and followed it in the direction we thought the main road was. Hopefully it would complete a circular route and we would be back where we started. It did and we were.

Little man was awake by now, and enjoying himself.

All that beautiful country-side so near us and so many people just going from A to B all the time not realising what they are missing.

Gaelic word of the day:
Latha na Sàbaid (Laa na Sa-banj) - Sunday (literally- Sabbath Day)


  1. It sounds like such a lovely Sunday or I should say "Latha na Sabaid". The pictures are beautiful and "baby" is adorable.
    Much Love,

  2. Aww, I love days like that. ..Just the family being together, out in nature.. The pictures were great. I love the hay bales pic! That is one of my favorite things to see this time of year out in the open fields. Your family is precious.

  3. visiting from Bloggy Mom's SAHM group. I lovvvvvve taking pictures and thoroughly enjoyed looking at your pictures - Wow, beautiful! and, the picture of your little one sleeping is adorable. I am now following your blog. Please stop by and visit me @ ...Take Care, Amy

  4. Absolutely beautiful pictures!

    Thank you so much for stopping by and following me! I'm following you, now too. I can't wait to read more of your blog and see how another mom of boys survives! lol

  5. What gorgeous gorgeous pictures! The boys are so cute! And little Alasdair is ADORABLE! His little smile melts my heart! What a delightful Sunday!


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