Monday, 20 September 2010

Miscellaneous Monday

-We had the first viewers of our house tonight so it was another day spent cleaning! I was thinking this morning how we had been so good at keeping the place tidy and yet it still took me until mid afternoon to get the place ship-shape! Lots of cleaning and hiding things away in cupboards!

- I'm quite strict with how much time my boys spend each day playing on the computer so when I told them they could play from then (3pm-ish) until tea-time they were ecstatic! (It was raining so I couldn't send them outside, and I knew they couldn't make a mess when they were on the computer!)

- Dinner tonight was courtesy of my brother's wife. We were going to call round at dinner time to be out of the house when the estate agent was showing the viewers round anyway, so my sister-in-law asked us to stay for dinner too. What a relief, as then I didn't have to worry about messing up the kitchen to make dinner just before the viewers came!

- After all the cleaning I had a cup of my new favourite tea:
(Tonight's pictures are a bit fuzzy because I was holding Alasdair while taking them!)
The tea is white tea with citrus. James (10) loves it too.

-To finish off tonight's post, I thought I'd share pictures of our bedrooms with you all, since they were so tidy and inviting!

This is mine, my beloved and our little man's room. I'm not sure why it's got that soft romantic focus on the photo, must just have been the lighting! Little man's bed is in the left hand corner, although he still thinks the big bed is his and spends most of his time in there!

Here are Calum (7) and David (4) reading before lights out time.

And here is James' room. He moved into his own room about 9 months or so ago. Before then he had the top bunk in the other room, Calum the bottom and David was in a little first-sized bed. He quite enjoyed having his own room at first, but now misses the company a bit, and says that when we get our new house he and Calum are going to share and David and Alasdair can share another room. 

One of the many benefits of having all boys. They can all bunk in together!


  1. Loving your house - our 4 kids each share rooms and love having company. That tea looks yum too!

    Our kids get to play on the computer on weekends and holidays - otherwise they would be continually glued to it!!

  2. We are normally weekends only for the computer too, so they were over the moon to get a few hours on a week-day afternoon!

  3. Your bedrooms are very nice! I wish I knew more about tea and tea-time. We just don't have tea-time here and until recently I had never tried many kinds of tea. (Recently I've tried a few though.) I hope the house selling goes quickly for you! :)

  4. Nothing sweeter than little ones reading in their beds!

  5. Tea, traditionally tea time would have been about 4pm and then dinner at 7ish. Now though, many people use tea and dinner to mean the same thing, the evening meal, which in our house is usually about 6pm. A cup of tea can be had at any time of the day, in our house, as often as possible!

    You're right Denise. Sons 2 & 3 almost always fall asleep with their books still open. Our oldest usually manages to get his book away first!

  6. That's neat to know Kirsteen! Thanks for explaining it! My husband gets home late, so our dinner is usually right around 7. Maybe I should start having a tea time for myself at 4! That would be nice!:)

  7. Afternoon tea would be delightful! I think you should! It would traditionally be sandwiches, scones, cakes and tea. I'm all for bringing it back!

  8. Kirsteen your home is cozy cozy cozy! The boys look so cute and cozy in their beds. The tea sounds delicious and I am so glad your sister-in-law invited you all over for dinner. I was going to ask what is your designated afternoon tea time, but you answered my question in the comments above :) I enjoy teatime so much. I have to not over indulge myself at times! :) If I could have it my way, I would have teatime as every meal throughout the day! :)

  9. Kirsteen I just loved your pictures of your cozy room. I also loved seeing that sweet baby snug and happy next to mommy and Daddy. It gives me such a warm feeling.

    I do hope that the people who looked at your lovely home will want to buy it.

    Also loved hearing about your favorite tea. Such coziness.



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