Monday, 25 June 2012

Weekend Fun

The weather (here she goes again!) threatened to put a dampener on things once again this weekend.

We were due to have our annual Sunday School picnic to a country park on Saturday, but given the huge amount of rain that had fallen towards the end of the week, and the fact that more was forecast for Saturday, the decision was taken on Friday to change plans and just spend some time playing games in the church hall instead.

This worked out fine.

We played parachute games, team games, party games and the children got to go on the bouncy castle.

There was even some face painting by my brother's wife.

And all good Sunday School picnics need to have Top Hats!


These have been a Sunday School tradition since I was a wee girl.

David had his best friend round for a sleepover on Friday night and they were only too keen to make them, with Alasdair making a dairy free batch.

I did have to keep reminding them all not to lick their fingers or the spoons until we were all done though!

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