Monday, 4 June 2012

How we celebrated the Queen's Diamond Jubliee

This weekend has seen the UK celebrating our Queen's Diamond Jubilee.

 For the last few weeks shops have been full of Union Jack or red, white & blue themed decorations. British made products proudly display the Union Jack on their packaging. Some products that have been around since the time of the Coronation have even changed their packaging to look like it did back in 1952. I love all the retro inspired ones and have been sucked into buying cereal, soap, toothpaste and chocolate largely because of how they look! 

 We took part in our own celebrations on Saturday. 

 First of all we attended the annual local Gala Day, which the older three boys take part in with the Boy's Brigade. This year the theme was the Diamond Jubilee and the Boy's Brigade built a replica of the Queen's coach. Their leader takes it quite seriously and this year they kept their high standard, winning the prize for best float for the 5th year in a row. 

David was one of the horsemen (front right)....

....James was a footman and Calum another horseman.

I'm sure you agree they made a great job of the float!

 After the gala we came home to finish off the preparations for our Jubilee BBQ. We had put out an open invitation to everyone at church. In the end we had 25 adults and 13 children (I think) and the ages ranged from 1 - 85!

We decorated the house with bunting and balloons, and added the horse that we took home from the Gala day!

When our guests were due to arrive, Calum stood out the front like one of the Queen's men and directed everyone round the back.

We had more bunting round the back, and some suitably patriotic tablecloths, plates, cups and napkins.

The highlight of any event for me is the making (and eating) of the puddings.

James made his speciality, Banoffee Pie (far right). I also made a Patriotic Pavlova, some Jubilee Cupcakes, trifle, malteser slice, lemon slice & James didn't take long to persuade me to buy in some chocolate eclairs

I was so pleased that such a mix of people had come along.

All round, a great day!


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