Monday, 11 June 2012

Annual Inspection Night

Every year, just before the school breaks up for the summer, the Boy's Brigade have their annual Inspection Night.

It is the night when the minister of the church that each Brigade is attached to comes along to 'Inspect' the boys. All he is checking really is that their uniforms are clean, tidy, ironed; shoes clean; hair sorted; hands clean; no tomato sauce on their faces, that sort of thing.

Parents and other family members also attend on this night and our Boy's Brigade Inspection was held on Friday night.

The boys all lined up ready to go...

....their different coloured jumpers are because they are each in a different section of the Brigade. The sections are split by age:

Red - Anchor Boys - Primary 1to Primary 3 (about aged 5 - 7)
Blue - Junior Section - Primary 3 to Primary 6 (about aged 8 - 11)
Dark Blue - Company Section - Primary 7 upwards (about aged 12 - 18)

As well as the inspection there is a fun element to the night too.

The anchor boys always demonstrate their favourite game and have to choose a family member to play it with them. This is almost always the dads, who are never shy about showing their competitive sides, forgetting that their opponents are only 6 years old!

This photo proves the above point!

After the game, the younger boys sit out and the older two sections demonstrate their fancy marching skills.

It really wasn't easy to get a good photo of this!

Once they have suitably impressed the parents, the whole Brigade fall back in and they have the end of year prizegiving.

The boys all get the badges they have been working towards throughout the year and there are extra trophies and certificates for extra categories.

Calum was given a certificate for doing such a good project on his favourite Scottish Sports Personality (He chose Euan Murray, the Scottish rugby player who takes a stand as a Christian and refuses to play on a Sunday).

James was given a shield for the best new recruit to the Company Section and a certificate for doing such a good project on the Queen.

David got his badges for being so cute. 

No, really, he got the badges he had worked towards, and given that he is still purely taught in Gaelic (no English taught in our school for him for another year) he did pretty well with his Boy's Brigade homework assignments!

After all the prizes it's time for a cup of tea for everyone before saying thanks and goodbye until after the summer to their leader, who incidentally won the title Citizen of the Year for the village last week for her services to the Boy's Brigade!

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