Friday, 15 June 2012

A trip through the centruy

The boys' school celebrates it's 100th anniversary this year so they have been having some special events over the last few weeks. 

 The highlight of this was the concert the pupils put on for parents and friends last night. 

Each class has been studying one of the decades out of the last 10, and for the concert they did a little performance about their decade. It was such a good concert. Everyone was having so much fun and put every bit of effort into their part. 

 James' class started the concert off with the 1910s. They sang a Gaelic song about the first world war while a slide show of the events of the 1910s played behind them. Then they sang a Horrible Histories song about the Suffragettes. 

 After that we were entertained by some very cute Charlston dancers from the 20s; some Jive dancers from the 30s; watched a class act out some news reports from the 40s(accompanied by 40s music); laughed at a very cool Elvis and his dancers from the 50s; laughed even more at the super-cute, and perfectly acted, little primary 1s who played the Beatles (accompanied by dancing and screaming girls) for the 60s. 

 When we reached the 70s, David's class told us some of the inventions of the 70s before singing a medley of 70s rock songs. 

 The class who studied the 80s told us of the great invention of the mobile phone and other 80s inventions and songs.

Calum's class were studying the 90s.They told us some of the political events of their decade, all the parents in their class who had married in the 90s; they introduced us to the Boy Bands and the Spice Girls (who were 5 of the boys in the class dressed up, and very funny!), and then ended with their version of a great Oasis song.  

The boys have loved learning about their decades. 

David (6) has been coming home from school and saying 'Do you remember this from the 70s?' and I have had to tell him that I was born at the end of the 70s and don't remember any of it! Then the next day he would come and ask me if I remembered something else! 

 Calum's class had a homework assignment a few weeks ago where they had to ask their parents for their memories of the 90s. He asked me first. Some of my answers were - shell suits, New Kids on the Block, Reebok pump trainers, high school. When he asked dad his main answers were - the fall of the Berlin wall, the fall of Communism, the first Gulf War and a whole host of other political events! I like to think that this isn't because I am far more shallow than he is, but because at the start of the 90s I was just starting high school and he was starting University.

 It was great having a journey through the decades last night. The teachers and pupils all worked so hard and I hope the school continues to do as well as it does now for the next 100 years.


  1. What a great project to do! It sounds so well put-together and like such a great learning time for the boys! :)I'm wondering if I can incorporate it into the music history I'll be doing with my music students this next year...

  2. Neat project and concert! I think I would have liked it. :-) Wow....the '90s seem both very very long ago and yet just yesterday! I remember quite a few things, but I was pretty young in the '90s still! LOL - Rachel


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