Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Gaelic Junior Tour Guides at Edinburgh Castle (and a return of the Gaelic word of the day!)

Tonight we were all up at the castle again watching Calum's class 'graduate' as Junior Tour Guides.

I'm obviously so accustomed to going to the castle these days - notice how I am calling it 'the castle' and not Edinburgh Castle!

Before the ceremony.

I know I've mentioned this amazing project a few times before.

Last year James' class took part and I shared the pictures from their 'graduation' evening. Just as a reminder, they studied the great hall of the castle and King James IV. You can see some photos of the castle in this post from a couple of months ago, if you missed it.

Calum's class have been studying the Royal Appartments and the story of Mary Queen of Scots, especially the events surrounding the birth of her son, the future King James VI of Scotland (and King James I of a united Scotland and England)

Back in January when Calum's class were busy filming, I showed you all some cute wee Lego figures Calum had made up to look just like the film crew. You can see them here.

I met the cameraman tonight, and Calum's wee Lego man looks just like him!

The film crew took a wee shot of the Lego men but what Calum didn't know is that they would make it into the official Historic Scotland DVD! Tonight we all watched the film, which really was excellent. The children all played their parts so well. These are just ordinary children, not children from any sort of drama school. 

Calum was the turnbrochie, and well done to Wendy who knew back in January what that was. The turnbrochie was the boy who stood by the fire in the kitchen all day long, turning the meat.

When the film was finished the children all enjoyed watching their names in the credits and then at the very end came the shot of the three Lego men. They had been animated to look like they were waving!

When Calum went up to get his certificate the teacher told the audience that the Lego men had been made by him.

After the ceremony.

With his best buddy.

With his second best buddy.

I wish there was some way to share the film with you as, like I said before, it was sooo good! They really set out the story of the events so clearly. The film is in English but they teach you loads of Gaelic words along the way. 

We do get copies of the film, but they won't be ready until after the summer. When I get them though, I think I may just have to have a giveaway of one of them!

Gaelic word(s) of the day:

righ (ree) - King
ban-righ (baoon ree) - Queen
Mairi Ban-Righ na h - Albannach (Mairi baoon ree na h - alabanach) - ??? I think I'll leave this one blank and see if anyone can work it out. It's pretty easy!


  1. Mary, Queen of Scots?

    I truly enjoy reading about you and your family and seeing the sights in Scotland!

    Best wishes from Bridget in Minnesota

  2. Thanks Bridget, it's good to know there are interested readers out there :0)

    First prize for your answer too!


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