Friday, 22 June 2012

Recipe of the Week - James' Banoffee Pie


It's been far too long since we had a Recipe of the Week on here so let's get it off the ground again with a suitably decadent one.

Ever since he first tried making it at Easter time, this has become James' signature dish. It's not really all that difficult to make, but you do need to be prepared to stand over the pan of caramel stirring it all the time lest it stick to the sides.

For the base you will need:

12 digestive biscuits, crushed

3oz margarine or butter, melted

For the caramel you will need:

1 large tin condensed milk

2oz margarine or butter

2 tbsp golden syrup

You will also need about 3-4 bananas, sliced, and a carton of double cream, whipped (although the cream on the top is optional)

~ Mix the crushed biscuits with the melted margarine/butter and then press down into a flan or pie dish. Chill while you get on with the caramel.

~ Put the condensed milk, butter/margarine and syrup in a good saucepan and melt slowly over a low heat. You don't need to be stirring it all the time yet, just now and again, but do keep a good eye on it.

~ Once everything is melted, turn the heat up a little and bring to the boil. This is when you need to be vigilant with the stirring. It can start to stick in no time at all! As long as you patiently stir with a wooden spoon you will be fine though.

~ Let it boil for a few minutes. You should see it start to thicken, just slightly, and then take off the heat.

~ Give it a quick, thorough beat with your wooden spoon.

~ Quickly spread your sliced bananas evenly over the biscuit base and then spoon the caramel on top.

~ Return to the fridge for a few hours before covering in a layer of whipped cream.

~ A generous sprinkling of crumbled Flake or grated chocolate finishes this off nicely!


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