Monday, 18 June 2012

Weekend Fun - who cares about the weather?!

The best way to kick start any weekend is....

.....freshly made pancakes, always made on the griddle I inherited from my granny. I think of her wonderful scones every time I use the griddle and I love that I am able to use it to feed my family just as she did hers.

Saturday was a truly miserable day weather-wise.

However, inside our house we had our own little bit of sunshine.

We had arranged to meet up with friends at their local village summer fair on Saturday, and so despite the dark gloomy skies and constant rain we stuck to our plans.

We are hardy Scots after all, and every Scot knows that the essential wear for a summer fair is.....

...a good pair of wellies and some waterproofs!

The village fair was actually quite fun.

We all enjoyed the tea tent, even although we also all agreed it could have done with some heaters!

While we ate our scones and cakes, and drank our tea, we were entertained by some local musicians. I'm sure the irony of them playing 'On the sunny side' wasn't lost on many!

The highlight of the fair for David was winning at the Coconut stall.....

...while the highlight for Alasdair was having a ride on the miniature steam railway.

When we finally surrendered and decided it was too cold, we headed back to our friends' house and spent the rest of a really enjoyable day with them.

We even had a barbecue for dinner......

........although we ate it inside!


  1. Love this! We have similar wonderful weather when we try to do anything! Can you send me your pancake recipe as they look delicious! Tx

  2. Our weather seems quite similar! Still raining here! Ah, but fun can be had even then!

  3. Keri, I had heard we had similar weather to you. Do you also get the lovely long summer days where it doesn't get dark until nearly midnight in midsummer

  4. Almost...It stays light until 10ish....well, that longest day should've been yesterday, but the clouds and rain are hanging around yet here, so, it's not quite as noticeable as usual!


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