Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Testing, testing.....

I have a new app for blogging so please excuse me while I test out what it can (and can't!) do.

Yesterday we stopped off at the play-park on the way home from school. The sun was shining and so to celebrate we treated ourselves to ice-creams.

We were also celebrating James' first successful orientation day at high school - he absolutely loved it! He said he has never enjoyed a day of school so much, and this is from a boy who generally enjoys school anyway! He is there today and tomorrow too.

Anyway, at the park Calum leaned on a tree and the next thing he was covered in greenfly! A closer look at the tree and we discover that what looked like moss was actually masses of greenfly!

We also spotted lots of ladybirds, no doubt feasting on the greenfly. You can't see it too clearly in the photo below, but one ladybird was different from any we have seen before. Instead of red with black spots this one was black with red spots!


Reminds me of the zebra in the film Madagascar who wonders whether he is white with black stripes or black with white stripes :0)

After school today (the sun is still shining, since you ask) we are heading across to Edinburgh Castle again, where Calum's class 'graduate' as Historic Scotland's latest group of Gaelic Junior Tour Guides.

More on that later.

Herein ends the testing too!



  1. mmmm, sunshine and ice cream - one of the best combinations! :)
    I think we call "greenflies" "aphids" here in the states (do you know if they are the same bug?), and we call "ladybirds" "ladybugs"...
    Enjoy your sun!

  2. Sarah, yes they are the same bug. Their proper name is Aphids here too but they are also known as greenfly! Also, we don't usually call insects bugs but beasties!

    The sun has disappeared again but at leat it's still warm and dry!


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