Friday, 22 June 2012

Things I'm loving.....

Well I don't want to go on about the weather, but it is what we British do best, and it's certainly NOT something I'm loving just now!

Aside from a couple of dry and sunny days at the start of this week, it's been the usual mix of either constant rain or intermittent heavy rain showers. Sigh.

Still, despite the disappointing summer weather, it cheers me no end to see one sign of summer at our front door.

I usually grow my Sweet Peas along the back fence in the garden and cut regular bunches of the flowers for the house.

This year I thought I would try growing them in a big pot by the front door so we could appreciate their lovely aroma as we go in and out of the house.

Just this week they have begun to flower.


On our way down to the train after our evening at Edinburgh Castle the other night (see a couple of posts below if you missed it) the boys enjoyed seeing the Olympic Rings sitting high above the city centre.


Finally, my biggest boy has had his induction to high school this week. For three days he and his classmates went to high school and followed their new timetables. As the high school starts earlier than the primary school he has had to get the earlier train into town than the one we normally take. The first two days dad was able to take him and then walk him part of the way to school. On the third day he had to take the train entirely on his own for the first time ever. He has grown hugely in confidence!

He loved every minute of high school and can't wait to start after the summer. I am so proud of his growing independence and his sensible attitude.

I'm also loving the fact that despite the fact that he is on the verge of starting high school, he isn't too big to send me a text that says.....

...every day!

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  1. Mmm sweet peas. I love them yet I've never grown them, must make a mental note to grow some in the summer! Great that your boy's transition to high school is going so well too, proud moment for mama xx

  2. Love the sweet peas, I have never grown them, but really like them!

    Wow, James in high school....Changes like that seem so fun and yet, a bit melancholy - only because of the closing of one happy chapter of life, but always exciting to get to the next chapter.

  3. ohh LOVE sweetpeas, they always have a spot in the garden somewhere, last summer I also grew some in pots (I think they may have been a dwarf variety) love them in wee bunches round the house.


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