Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Train tracks

My biggest boy is looking even bigger since yesterday.

It hardly seems like that long since I was having my own braces fitted!

I might not be too wrong about that though.

You see, when we first met the Orthodontist a few months back, he had finished examining James' teeth and turned to me. He looked at Alasdair, who was sitting on my knee, and asked was this James' brother. I told him it was and then he asked me what relation I was to James. I then told him I was his mother. His reply was, 'Seriously? I would never have thought you were old enough. I thought maybe his sister. You must have been very young when he was born!'

I couldn't really reply to that!

James has known he would need braces for a couple of years now and has been really looking forward to getting them fitted. It is so much easier to get them just now before the teenage angst kicks in. 

Everyone at school today was really excited to see how he looked.

I did tell him that getting them fitted wasn't sore but that the next day or two was strange feeling. Sort of tight and sore to bite. I was never warned of this when I had mine, but he was given a really good talk about how it would be from one of the dental nurses.

Today the soreness has kicked in and he has only been able to eat soups and yogurts but hopefully things will have settled down by the weekend. Being a typical boy, he loves to eat!

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  1. He looks like a happy, healthy young man who now wears braces! :) I like your story of the doctor assuming you were the sister of your sons! LOL What a nice compliment! - Rachel


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