Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Carried away...

I came across this old photo recently.

It was taken by my husband's sister back in the days when we were 'courting'. I'm pretty sure we weren't engaged when it was taken so I was probably only 18.

My husband's sister is an avid hillwalker and a group of us were accompanying her on one of them. I don't recall why I was picked up, and he didn't carry me all the way up the hill! The photo was snapped, and then that Christmas my husband was given the framed photo by his sister as a present.

I love the photo and when I came across it a few months ago I hung it up in the hallway. The other day I moved it to a lower location and today Alasdair seemed to discover it for the first time.

He stopped and said 'Sinn babee's daddy' - 'That's babees daddy' (he calls himself babee) but then I could see him puzzling over who the girl was. I picked it up and turned it round and then he realised who she was!


  1. Oh, how sweet! What fun memories to have! :-)

  2. how cute!! The picture is adorable, and Alasair reaction is priceless! :)

  3. haha! how adorable! I love that photo! You are truly both very good looking people, it's no wonder your boys are so cute! :)


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