Monday, 19 September 2011


On Saturday our family had the great excitement of filming a short feature to be on Gaelic TV!!

There is a motoring programme on the Gaelic TV channel, BBC Alba, called Air an Rathad (air an ra-had) - On the Road.

Each series they have a family test drive a family car for them and say what they thought of the car.

Through various contrived connections, our family was given the chance to be the one to test drive the car in the coming series.

The car was a Hyundai ix35. 

We were filmed driving around town and doing various 'typical' family weekend things in the car.

I won't say what I thought of the car, I shall save that for when the TV programme comes out :0)

What I will say, though, is that it only had 5 seats and so little Alasdair spent a large part of the day with his Uncle, Auntie and cousins, as there wasn't space for him in the car and he was obviously the one who wouldn't mind not being on TV! He does make it into the publicity shots though.

The other boys really enjoyed the filming. The small crew of director/cameraman, producer and the reasearcher/production girl were really lovely. The cameraman let the boys see how the cameras all worked, and really spurred James on with his excitement of all things film making. James suggested a couple of shots to him and he was willing to try them out. 

It was a long day.

They were probably here for about 6/7 hours and the slot on TV will only be for about 5-10 minutes.

But, it really was fun though.

The programme we are in will probably not be shown until December. I'll be sure to post a link to it when it's on. 

It will be available to view online and there are even subtitles for non-Gaelic speakers!


  1. What fun! I look forward to watching the program! :)

  2. Sounds very fun! We'll get the pop corn ready!

  3. So exciting for you all...what fun! And yes I'll be the one needing those non-Gaelic subtitles to enjoy it fully when it comes out :-)


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