Monday, 12 September 2011

Miscellaneous Monday - Weekend Stuff

Best start at the beginning of the weekend.

Friday afternoon. 

(The boys' school finishes at lunchtime on a Friday. I love our Friday afternoons, and I know I've mentioned this before, but just setting the scence!)

That way I get straight to these.........

What was that?

You want close ups?

Oh, OK........

I found these Cars 2 toppers in the supermarket last week.

The reason for making all these cupcakes, and the meringues below....

.........was to add them to this spread at the boys' school.

OK, let's have a final couple more closeups.

The school organised a concert 'Ceol 's cofaidh' (kyol s coffee) 'Music and Coffee', as a performance practice for those children who are performing at the National Mod next month. 

And one of the performers was this handsome boy here, who sang his solo 'Eilean beag donn a' chuain'.

He sang it very well too, without a hint of nerves. Definitely a proud mummy moment.


Then there was the sponsored walk on Saturday, which is in the post below.


Which takes us to yesterday.


Which also happens to be my birthday!

I woke to find four little men (and one big one) standing by my bedside holding presents and a tray of tea and toast, while singing 'Happy Birthday'.

I got lots of lovely things.

My husband asked the boys what they wanted to get me, and they each had one specific thing in mind, even the shops to go to!

James (11) chose some Body Shop lovelies (Vanilla, which he remembered was my favourite); Calum (8) wanted to get me a new top and chose a beautiful gypsy style smock top, all his own choice and absolutely perfect; and David (5) wanted to get me a chocolate cake, which he also picked out himself. Alasdair (2) was obviously too wee to pick something out himself and so gave me some crafty things that daddy had chosen.

I was well looked after all day. We almost always have a roast dinner on Sundays, and they even rustled that up for me too!

So, that was our weekend! 

Busy but fun.


  1. VERY Happy Birthday, Kirsteen! Sounds like you were properly celebrated!
    You make the most beautiful cupcakes (not certaain if that's what you call them...) and I would have loved to hear your son sing! Any chance you have a video you will post?

  2. Happy Birthday Kirsteen!! It sounds like your boys love you a lot! Beautiful cupcakes!

  3. Happy birthday! My friend in the US has the same birthday, but over there the date 9/11 is such a significant date. Here, because we say it the other way around, it doesn't quite have the same effect. I bet you remember just where you were on your birthday 10 years ago...

    Gorgeous cakes btw........ yummmmmmm

  4. Those cupcakes are magnificente! And happy belated birthday for the 11th - sounds like your boys all gave you a wonderful day xx

  5. Oh what a delightful Birthday!! LOVE hearing what the little ones got you for your special day. Also am so in love with those gorgeous cupcakes! They are so so beautiful.
    Happy late Birthday sweet Kirsteen!
    ~ Marie

  6. Love the two-tone meringues - someone did that with a biscuit on The Great British BAke-off! I have tried it with frosting, but I got it too runny and it didn't work brilliantly! :-( What recipe do you use for your cupcake frosting?!


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