Saturday, 10 September 2011

We did it!!

Here we all are, home and in one piece after our sponsored walk.

5 miles walked in about 1hour 40 minutes, roughly.

When I woke up this morning it was pouring with rain and I thought we were in for a soggy walk, but thankfully the rain stopped and we were able to keep the waterproofs in the bag on the pram.

It was also strangely warm for being such an overcast day so I was glad the rain stayed off as we would have been really warm with our jackets on.

My beloved wasn't actually able to do the walk with us as he had another sponsored event on last night up north, and so was on the train back down here as we were on the walk.

I think they had the rougher deal though, as his event was a corporate sleep-out. Local business people and church leaders were sleeping outdoors overnight. They were in the safety of a local business owner's large garden, but I still don't think he slept much!

So, here are a few snaps of our stroll.

Autumn is definitely starting.

This is the van that goes out on the streets of Edinburgh every night with hot drinks, blankets and support for the rough sleepers and any others who might need it. Today it's use was serving drinks at the half-way point on the walk.

We chose to stop at the half way point. The full walk was 11 miles which was a bit much for the younger boys.

At the half way point is a visitor centre all about the river and the boys had great fun learning about flood plains, bricking them up with a lego wall and then seeing the effect further downstream.

Alasdair found a rubber ducky and enjoyed playing with it in the water that was showing how dams and water wheels work. I was glad of his waterproofs here!

And here is our picnic at the end.

Thanks to everyone who sponsored us. We raised a really decent amount, especially considering all we did was go for a nice family stroll along the river.


  1. I love the photo of the four boys and the lego.... see the bottom left corner.... that's so cute :)

  2. Love seeing the pictures of your walk and all the greenery, and your boys are such fun too!

    ~ Marie


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