Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Happy Birthday to the nation's favourite Postman

How far back can you remember?

I have memories going pretty far back. Up until I was 4 years old, we lived in a caravan on my grandparents' croft and I have quite a few memories of this time.

The plan was for my parents to build a house of their own on the croft, but then my dad felt called to the ministry and so those plans were put on hold, and we all moved to the mainland.

I remember moving day too. 

Then starting nursery school and so on.

When I was around nursery school age, I have happy memories of sitting watching Postman Pat on our little black and white TV. That and Bagpuss were my favourite programmes. 

I also remember that it was only years later when Bagpuss had a revival, that I realised he was actually pink! With us only having a black and white TV, I had thought he was grey :0)

I loved Postman Pat. 

I loved the way the van shoogled about those country lanes. I loved the wee village, the characters, the cosy-ness of it all.

It was also one of the first children's programmes I remember being able to watch in Gaelic, Padraig Post.

Now that my own boys have each gone through a phase of being Pat fans, it shouldn't really come as a surprise to me that he turns 30 this year. Only a few years younger than myself, although I'm sure I'm looking better for it than he is.

Alasdair is the biggest Pat fan these days, so when I was given the chance of a copy of the special birthday DVD to review I jumped at it.

Postman Pat and Thomas the Tank Engine are his two favourite shows. In fact the only shows he watches.

The DVD is called 'Happy Birthday Pat' and contains both old episodes and new.

Alasdair and David were both excited when it arrived and eagerly sat down to watch it. Calum too, sat down with them. James, slowly made his way through and ended up watching it too.

I knew the younger two would love it, and possibly Calum, as they have watched other episodes together recently, but not James.

I asked him if he was enjoying it, and he said he was enjoying watching the animation and working out how they had done things. He still loves making his own animations, like this one which was one of his firsts (one of these days I'll get another one uploaded).

I told them that I was enjoying the older episodes as they reminded me of when I was their age, and James said he preferred the new ones as the animation was better. I asked how, as I could't see much difference other than maybe the colours were sharper, and he said that the mouths move on the new episodes. They don't on the old. I had not noticed that. At all.


What's not to love about Pat and his little community? 

Mrs Goggins, the quintessential 'Morningside' wifie.
Alf Thomson and his tractor.
Dorothy Thomson and her cups of tea.
The bumbling PC Selby.
Major Forbes.
Reverend Timms, the totally spot on stereotyped English vicar.
Jess the cat.
And all the rest.

The community spirit, everyone helping each other out. It's great.

Alasdair has wanted to watch the DVD every day since we got it. It has over 3 hours of Pat on it, so we obviously don't watch it all in one go!

Plus, there is a bonus CD with songs on it. David enjoys having a good dance around to this.

We would all like to wish Pat a very happy birthday and hope that he goes on bringing happiness to children for another 30 years.

The DVD is available from next Monday, 12th September.

Worth every penny if you ask me.

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  1. I've never heard of Postman Pat...but kinda sounds like our Mr. Rogers memories!


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