Tuesday, 27 September 2011

The answer!

I'm actually quite surprised that no-one guessed what James' conker picture was.

Other than my sister-in-law, whose oldest boy is as much a fan of this as our James, so that explains why!

It's not a new comic.

What if I said, Marvel Comics? 

Recently made into a Hollywood film?

Quite a good likeness!

It is, of course, Captain America.

Ah, of course, I hear you say :0)

Also, conkers are not the same as chestnuts, although very similar. You can't eat conkers.

What we do is put string through them and then you take turns in holding your conker out while your opponent swings his and tries to smash yours. Is this just a quirky UK game? Or do others play it too?

I'll leave you with the cover of a comic James is making for his cousin and fellow fan.

I know I should have cropped it to size but I have a Thomas fan tugging me away to build a track so that will have to do!


  1. Well,....I feel like I should have known this...but truthfully, though I may have heard of this character...I really do not know anything about him! (Sheltered life that I lead?) My James, (10 years old) says he is aware that there is a movie...but he doesn't know either. We gotta get out more! Thanks for the enlightenment!

  2. James will be pleased to know that even now I know the answer I still don't have a clue. The conker picture was great James - its just we're all completely out of touch.
    Hope you all have fun with the conkers.


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