Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Work In Progress Wednesday - and it's not crochet!!

One of the many crafty blogs that I love is Running with Scissors.

I think I stumbled on it via the Tip Junkie on Facebook, who featured a dress Jessica had made out of an old bed sheet. It looks quite gorgeous and I must try and pluck up the courage to try it out!

Anyway, last week Jessica was looking for volunteers to test out her new patterns for a kids costume. She wants to see how easy to follow her downloadable patterns are for all levels of sewers.

The costumes were so adorable that I gladly volunteered, and was chosen to try one out - yay!

So I'll be brief tonight as I haven't started cutting out my fabric yet. I'm still assembling the pattern. It's pretty straightforward so far.

The pattern is for a little bear costume.

When I went to buy fabric I wanted a brown fleece but couldn't find any. Then I thought of getting yellow and making a Winnie the Pooh bear, but I thought the yellow was too bright. I then spied some white and black fleece and thought of making either a polar bear or a panda bear. I'm gearing towards panda just now, but I'll see what the boys all decide. It'll be for Alasdair, as the pattern only goes up to age 4, but all the boys are eager to see how it turns out.

As am I.

I've never added a zipper to anything before. I may chicken out though and just add a velcro closure.

Watch this space!!

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