Friday, 16 September 2011

I did it!!!

OK, super quick post tonight as it's late and my poor hubby is waiting for some together-with-no-boys-in-tow-time, but I just had to share the fact that I finished the animal costume I mentioned in my last post!

No photos yet as my littlest man is asleep and so hasn't tried it on yet, but it's so cute!

It's a little bear costume, with a hood with ears on it, and a cute little tail.

I even added the zip up front and didn't chicken out like I thought I might.

Wasn't that hard after all!

I promise I'll share the photos once I get them.

But, hooray, I did it!

I'm on a sewing high now!


  1. Good job! It will be fun to see it!! :)

  2. Oh so excited to see the pictures and yay for the zipper! You encourage me to try a zipper!


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