Monday, 26 September 2011

Searching for champions

Champion conkers that is!

Yesterday's Sunday stroll through the woods was more of a conker hunt, with the boys running excitedly every time they spotted a Horse-Chestnut Tree.

We got quite a haul.

These are David's.




James collected....

Calum collected...

I think David collected about 30 and Alasdair about a dozen.

We haven't strung them yet so we are yet to see who has the champion in terms of strength. I think David does in terms of size though.

Now here is a wee puzzle to start off your week.

James used his conkers to make this picture of something he really loves just now. Your clue is that it is a cartoon/comic book character who is quite popular just now, although the picture isn't of the character, just an important 'thing' to do with the character. 

Confused?! I'll tell you tomorrow!


  1. Sounds like a lovely Sunday hike! I'm afraid that I will have to wait til tomorrow to know what the symbol is representing...I haven't a clue!

  2. It must be an emblem... but I can't think of it. I am wondering if it is because I don't know this current cartoon character , or because I am not getting it... I will probably smack myself in the head and say "of course" when you tell what it is... What is the age group little guys or bigger guys?

    The chestnuts look wonderful. I like how you call them Conkers. My Mother in Law makes a kind of paste out of Chestnuts and makes a yummy desert out of that. I would love to hear what you do with them... perhaps you just eat them as is.

  3. OOOh I know, I know! but think I might have an unfair advantage so I won't spoil it!


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