Tuesday, 16 August 2011

A trip to the Transport Museum

Here are a few photos from a trip we took last week.

We headed west, to Glasgow, to visit the Museum of Transport in it's new home by the river.

Trains, trams, buses, motorbikes, boats, more trains, more cars......

It really is a little boy's dream day out.

Alasdair recognised Postman Pat's van, even with the old style livery....

....and the other boys recognised Professor Z, one of the baddies from Cars 2 (which we also saw last week - excellent film, by the way!)

I liked the sense of humour whoever set up this display of a South African steam train had...

But it's not just transport in the new museum. 

There were a few fabulous dresses from the 50s on display.

And to top things off, there was a display of some old toys.

I don't imagine that big Stormtrooper above ever belonged to anyone, but I had the dark haired Sindy doll in the photo below, only my one had a pink tutu.

Back in the days when I loved my Sindys, I loathed all things Star Wars.

I didn't imagine then, that one day my life would be full of all things Star Wars!

Gaelic word of the day:
deideag (jay-jag) - toy
there should be a grave accent on the e, but it's not playing ball tonight, ironically!


  1. Your last comment made me chuckle... life seems to work like that doesn't It? I think this is a boys dream museum for sure... big boys and little boys; my husband would love it. If we ever come to Scotland we will have to put this one on the list of things to do.

  2. Wow that museum is AWESOME...! I can imagine my 3 (1 big, 2 little) boys having a field day in there. And LOL at your comment about dolls and star wars...I had literally the same conversation with people at our Star Wars party the other day saying...if anyone had told me before having kids I'd have organised a party where all these kids were running around with their lightsabers I'd have said no chance! Funny how life's like that :-) God has a good sense of humour I reckon!

  3. where have they moved it to? Have they still got the old-fashioned street with all the shops?? My children would love this! x

  4. What a fun day! I think even I would have thoroughly enjoyed such a museum and I KNOW my hubby would! :) We want to see Cars 2. And we want to OWN Cars the original!

    I am sure you didn't dream your house would be full of boys in the days you loved your Sindy dolls! Funny how that goes! :)

  5. Caroline, it's moved to a new purpose built building by the Clyde, next to the SECC. It's beside where the Tall Ship is moored, you walk out of the back of the museum and the Tall Ship is there.

    I was pleased to see the museum is still free to get in, but you have to pay to get on the Tall Ship, so we didn't go on!

  6. Kirsteen, as I was scrolling down this post my baby Zane saw those delightful trains and can't stop saying "look mama da train" he is patiently waiting beside me to finish this comment so we can scroll back up and look at the trains all over again :)


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