Thursday, 11 August 2011

Chats in the Farmhouse Porch

Today I've joined up with this linky via my friend Caroline's blog, The Joyful Keeper.

Carloine is a bloggy friend who I also know in real life, although we haven't actually seen each other since we were about 15. We had lost touch and how we got back in touch is really worthy of a whole blog post of it's own! 

In a nutshell though, we were both looking for a UK group of the Good Morning Girls at the beginning of this year and the two of us plus another Irish girl set up a wee group, which then grew to include some more girls (from the US, Canada, Ireland and a few other Scots).

When we set up the group we hadn't realised we knew each other, as we were both married with different names and living in different places from where we once knew each other. When everyone in the group began telling a wee bit about themselves we realised we knew each other from way back.

Call it coincidence if you like, but I prefer to use the word providence. Our GMG group has been such a blessing, but again, that is worthy of another post!

So, onto the questions.

1. What colour was your first car?
It was a maroon coloured Peugot 306. We bought it a few months after we were married and I loved that car.  We lived in a tenement flat in Edinburgh at the time, so parking it anywhere near the flat was a nightmare though! We had it for about 3/4 years before trading it in for a bigger model once son no.2 was on the way.

2. Do you dance or sing when you are by yourself?
Sing, yes. Dance, absolutely no! I don't really dance. I'm just not really a dancie kind of a girl. But singing, yes I love to sing.

3. What were your favourite and least favourite subjects at school?
My favourite was definitely music. I always loved music and it was the one subject where I was really good. I was Little Miss Average in everything else - not particularly bad but then not outstanding either. Music was where I had a natural ability. I was a little shy though, and I wish I had some of the confidence I do now back then. That's not to say I'm overflowing with it now, however!

My worst subject? Maths maybe, or Physics. I liked my maths teacher even though I hated the subject so that helped. Physics I just detested but I sat through it as I had notions of trying to be a doctor for a while. Or a physiotherapist. I soon realised that music was where my heart lay.

4. What was the last dinner you made?
Tonight's dinner was chicken fajitas (see recipe tab), followed by fresh strawberries & ice cream in oyster wafers ( I may have to explain what these oysters are to my non-UK friends but not tonight, I've said enough already!

5. Please finish this: "I feel naked without ---------------------." (Now, you know there's someone out there who will answer "clothes". See. I caught you! :)

Well, nice and simple, I wouldn't leave the house without my wedding ring. Although I do wear makeup sometimes, I am happy enough to leave the house without it on. I'm blessed with good skin and dark eyelashes which I know is a help in this!

To check out other answers or to join in then go to Everyday Ruralty. I would recommend joining in, as it's good fun and I love to see everyone elses answers!

Oh and a Gaelic word of the day (which I have been forgetting recently)
caraid (caraj) - friend


  1. Amazing how everyone is connected in one way or another!

    Fun post, I've just joined in too xx

  2. That must have been a fun surprise, realizing that you knew each other. It is a small world after all isn't it?
    I feel the same about my wedding ring.

    Love the rainbow on your previous post. We had a beautiful double rainbow last week.... I wish I had had a camera at the time.
    Many Blessings,

  3. funny how you, and Dawn and I all had Peugot's! we really do have a lot in common! lol

  4. I love how you all knew each other and found each other again! I don't believe in coincidences, either, so I know it was a "God thing"! That's so cool! And I really liked this post, to get to know you better was fun!

    I am super glad to have the wonderful opportunity to get to know you and some of the other gals from the UK, Scotland, etc!

  5. Such a lovely post Kirsteen, I am going to have to check this group out!! Loved hearing that your worst subject was math, me too!! Also wish I had some of that musical talent of yours :)

    Much Love


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