Thursday, 25 August 2011

Recipe of the Week - Berry Easy Cheesecake

OK, firstly, sorry about the name.

Well, no, actually, I quite like it.

After last week's picture of my cheesecake in my 'Things I'm loving' post, and all the comments it received, I thought it only fair to share the recipe with all my bloggy friends.

Especially since most of you live too far away for me to invite you round for a slice of the real thing.

This cheesecake is quite a soft set, so although you can make it in a spring-form tin and take the sides off, it won't be as firm as a baked cheesecake, or one that has gelatine in it.

You can use any berry you like. The quantity of berries doesn't have to be exact either. So far I have tried this with just blackberries, just raspberries, and a whole mixture of berries. Each time was delicious!

I've even done my research this week and checked what the American names for the ingredients are too! I've made the assumption (hopefully not wrongly) that in Australia and NZ there surely can't be a third name for these things, and that you guys either use the UK or US name! Do tell me if I'm wrong though!

You will need:

for the base:
8oz digestives (Graham crackers), crushed
3oz melted butter

~Nice and easy, just bash the biscuits to pieces then mix with the melted butter before spreading out and pressing down in your chosen dish, which could be a pie dish or a spring-form tin.
~Chill while you make the filling.

for the filling:
1 tin Nestles condensed milk (397g size, or whatever is the closest equivalent where you live!)
500g mascarpone cheese
the juice of 2 lemons
around about 500g berries of your choice

~Beat the condensed milk with the mascarpone until it is smooth then mix in the lemon juice.
~Now add the berries and mix them in well, leaving some to decorate the top, if you want.
~Spread over the top of the base and chill for at least 2-3 hours. Overnight is best though, if you can.

That's it!

Told you it was berry easy!


  1. OH! Looks delicious! I will have to give this a go! Thanks for the recipe! Too bad you can't come and see how it turns out for me! We'd love to have you for tea..a visit...dinner...anything! AND your lovely family too!

  2. This looks good! I enjoy making cheesecake - and they are so good!! :)

  3. I am already looking forward to making this!
    Aghhhh, now if only I could kick my kids out and all my spread far and wide friend could come devour it with me! :-)
    Thank you for sharing!!!

  4. This looks LOVELY! The berries are gorgeous on top! And I love the simplicity of this cheesecake! This is a great recipe!

  5. It looks mouth wateringly good!!

    I have a cheesecake to bake for this Friday, I think I will try your recipe. No bake cheesecakes are my favourite.

  6. Just made it! Tastes lovely, it's different from the normal philedepha ones (I make the same recipe as this with philly, lime and chocolate). I added a couple of tins of summer fruits into the cheesecake as half the fruit.

  7. Oh my goodness, I can't believe the crust is Digestive Cookies WOW!!! And the mascarpone cheese,, with the lemon juice!!II It takes my breath away! Thanks so much for posting the recipe! Yes it looks amazing, but I had no idea these incredible ingredients were inside. I am going to have to try it soon!!

    ~ Marie

  8. Oh what a bummer, I just left a long detailed comment on this post about how I was drooling over this cake when I read all the yummy ingredients, but the comment didn't post!!

    Thanks so much for posting this for us!!

    ~ Marie


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