Monday, 15 August 2011

Some new little friends.

Remember Patch, David's special teddy he chose for his last birthday?

Well. Alasdair has recently taken quite a shine to him.

David has been generous enough to let Alasdair play with him sometimes, but he is still very much David's best teddy.

At the weekend we were doing a spot of shopping when we passed the Build-a-Bear shop and saw they had a really good offer on just now. Buy one little friend, get another one half price.

There was no question what teddy Alasdair wanted. He chose the exact same one as Patch.

And called him Patch too!

He was so cute as he stood in line, waiting to have his teddy stuffed.

Then so proud walking out of the shop carrying the big box.

Calum was also able to get a bear, or a monkey actually, called Mikey.

Although we now have two Patch's in the house, they do actually look a bit different. It helps that David's one is currently wearing a rather cool soldier outfit too!

James has also been joining in the fun with the new friends, by writing little comic book stories for Alasdair and Patch to read together. Or for him to read to Alasdair and Patch.


  1. I have to confess, I am not a mad fan of stuffed toys - we seem to have accumulated rather a lot, and I regularly have a cull...sorry, poor choice of word, a clear out!....I do let them all have 1 special one, that doesn't ever get ditched. Joshua still has his Peter Rabbit! ;-)

  2. May I say . . . cute as buttons?!? Your kids and their new little friends! ;) While not everyone is a fan of stuffed animals (I understand, to each their own, even kids differ some!), I can see why they would love theirs!


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