Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Brògan Ùr aig Daibhidh

Look at that.

Tonight's post starts with a language lesson. 

Just in time for the schools returning.

So, pronounciation first, is 'brogan oor egg Da-ee-vee'.

The meanings of the words:

brògan - shoes (singular shoe would be bròg)
Ùr - new
aig - literally means 'belonging to' 
Daibhidh - David

I thought that by explaining it this way would show you how sentence structure is made up in Gaelic.

You might also have noticed, both here and in previous Gaelic word of the days, that the 'v' sound in Gaelic is made by combining either 'mh' or 'bh'. There is no letter 'v' in the Gaelic alphabet. Or J, K, Q, W, X, Y, Z!

Now, onto those brògan of Daibhidh's.

(If there is a Gaelic version of the children's name, then that is what they are known as by the teachers at the school, and so David's school friends all call him Daibhidh. My boys attend a Gaelic Medium school where they are taught using Gaelic as the first language. I wrote a bit more about it here, for any newer followers who may have missed that.)

ANYWAY, the brògan.

Here they are.

At first glance they are quite a cute pair of Kicker's boots.

Now, what is our boys' biggest love? (Apart from their Mamaidh, that is!)

Yes, that's right, LEGO.

That's a Lego Police Landrover on the back of that foot above..........

.........and a Lego Police Man and Motorbike on the back of the other one!

Not only that, but there are lights that flash in the soles!

He just loves his brògan ùr.

And just to finish off, here are the boys ready for the first day back to school this morning.

James has just started his last year at Primary school, and the P7s have a special red school jumper.

Alasdair still has another 3 years before he joins them at school, but he grabbed his bag this morning too when he saw the other boys with theirs!


  1. Joshua would love these - he's Lego MAD! We managed to go to Milton Keynes yesterday, WITHOUT a visit to the Lego store! Too much coveting! lol Love learning the Gaelic! I didn't realise you only spoke Gaelic to the boys. That could make a get together fairly confusing! ;-)

  2. Look at those shoes!! They are so cute and I love the first day of school picture! SO sweet and hansom. Love Alasdair and his bag.

    Love you all!!

  3. Such handsome young men! Thanks for the language lesson...It helps to know what letters don't exist in Gaelic!
    Can't believe your kiddos are already back to school. How much vacation do they get in the summer?
    We won't start school until Sept 12 - although I think the public schools start sooner!


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