Wednesday, 3 August 2011

The Wedding Wall and Family Photos

Following on from our wedding photos the other day, I thought I'd share these photos I took last week at my parents'.

The wall at the staircase is where they have the family wedding photos displayed.

The oldest photo there is of my grandparents' wedding (my dad's parents) in 1953.

Then there is my parents' wedding, in 1976.

Our wedding, in 1998.

The 'something old' that I wore, was my mother's veil. 

The right hand photo is me and my two brothers. My youngest brother was 18 months old.

My brother's wedding, in 2001.

This time the left hand photo is of me and my brothers.

And here is the most recent photo of me and my brothers together, taken last summer with our boys in it too. It hangs in the hallway at the bottom of the stairs.


  1. I just love all the photos and the way you have displayed them! Really want to make a wall in our house just for family photos too.

  2. Thats lovely! Photos are so precious :o)

  3. I love the staircase wall with all the wedding photos! Your parents home seems cozy. The very last photo with all of the boys is amazing. I's sure your parents are pretty fond of it too :)

  4. I love seeing your wedding pictures and especially the one with your two brothers!! It is so so amazing to see the last picture of all those handsome boys!!! Wow!!!!


  5. Such beautiful pictures! Sarah will appreciate that you have a brother that is a bit younger than you. She is 14 years older than our youngest, and it's a tricky thing to establish a relationship w/ siblings w/ that age spread! (She does a grand job, I might add! - but it is definately a purposeful pursuit!)

  6. Lovely pictures! I didn't know you had 2 brothers...probably because he was born after I met you! Your brother who is married only has boys, too?! That's funny. My BIL's great grandfather (I think) was one of 21 children - with only ONE sister! THAT is a houseful of boys! RAOFL

  7. Cool display at a beautiful staircase! And a lovely looking family! :)


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