Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Holiday Club

Last week we were busy, busy, busy with the children's holiday club at church, which ran every morning, Monday to Friday.

We aren't a particularly big church, but there were a group of about a dozen of us who each had a different part to play in the running of the club.

We had around 25 children attending every day. Some of these were our own children from the church, others were friends from another church but some were from the local community who had no church connection at all, which was wonderful.

The week was called Mission Rescue and had a secret agent theme. The children learned all about Moses and his mission to rescue God's people from the Egyptians.

As well as the Bible studies, the children learned some songs, played some games....

.....cracked some codes, made some crafts and had a fun time!

Since I was organising the crafts, it meant that part of each afternoon or evening was spent preparing for the next day, hence the business of the week!

Crafty highlights were:

~ making bricks out of playdough and building pyramids (I had a vat of playdough bubbling on the cooker the night before that!)

~ and making pizzas (the connection to the Moses story being the special flat bread they had at the Passover!)

On top of the crafts and leading a little group for the Bible study (my group was the only one with more boys than girls in it - story of my life!), I also had the fun of playing the bad agent in the drama. Totally out of character you understand. One girl did say I made a good baddie, although my sweet boys told me that I was too nice to be a baddie!

The boys had a really good week, as did their cousins, and all the other children seemed to enjoy themselves too. 

Now that it's over, we are praying that everyone would remember what was learned and take it to heart.


  1. Looks like a great week! Good job w/ the crafts! Fun stuff! We are off to the county fair tomorrow w/ our sheep. We will be home each night to sleep, but at the fairgrounds every day thru Sunday! (Except Sunday morning during church!) Busy week for us starts now! Hope you have a restful week!

  2. It reminds me of what we call " Vacation Bible School"
    Every Summer many Churches and many denominations do vacation bible schools. Our kids used to go to them.

    Love those pretty wedding pictures in the previous post. I realize that your parent were married 3 years before we were. They are a lovely couple.

  3. Love the homemade play dough! That would be a lot of fun. The pizza's look yummy, too.

    Hope they were all blessed at the Holiday Club.

  4. Keri, enjoy the fair. We have them over here to, although not on such a big scale. They only last one day and are known as Agricultural shows. I think 'fair' sounds more fun though!


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