Monday, 22 August 2011

Miscellaneous Monday

~I have the usual tatties growing in the garden this year, as well as onions, french beans, beetroot, salads, strawberries, raspberries, redcurrants and courgettes (my courgettes aren't doing too well though, this year.) 

I've grown all of these before, but I'm also growing for the first time: cabbages, which are thriving, chillies and cucumber. 

I was pretty confident the cabbages would work out OK, but wasn't sure if cucumber or chillies would grow without a greenhouse. The chillies are a bit slow, but I think they will get there. I'm quite excited about the cucumber though.

It's not the straightest cucumber ever but it's mine! It's also grown a bit more since I took this picture and there are a couple more round the back.


~I'm sure I've mentioned numerous times before, that our David (5) is quite fearless.

It was no surprise then, that when we took the stabilisers off his bike earlier in the summer (I think these are called training wheels in other places?) he took all of about 2 minutes to crack riding it without them. James, on the other hand, when he was his age, took the entire summer to master it. He is still the cautious one.

The great thing about not having a rider using stabilisers, is that we can go for proper off road bike rides now and there are excellent cycle tracks around where we live.

On Saturday morning we headed off on one of them to a newly refurbished play-park.

And what better thing to do after cycling three miles, including a half hour run around a park, than spend the later half of Saturday enjoying tea and scones at the local garden centre with my brother and his wife, while the boys and their cousins ran around another park?

Happy days!


  1. Your cucumber plant looks lovely. I was worried our cucumbers would make it this year (drought, and seeds just wouldn't sprout... not sure why); but we did finally get 2 plants to take off and are now enjoying an abundance. I like to look at them don't you. We are growing much the same as you (except the cabbage.. couldn't manage to get that in this year. Here we have no problem with courgettes (we call them Zucchini). In fact its almost impossible not to grow them. I just finished a post on them... will publish it tomorrow.
    The boys are such a joy aren't they?
    Blessings, Pam

  2. Just catching up now.....Your cucumber looks great! Quite a bit ahead of where ours are!
    Bike riding is grand! Glad you have paths to ride on close to you!

  3. Happy Days indeed! Fun and then food.... yep, my idea of a happy day :)


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