Tuesday, 2 August 2011

More woodworking projects..

After the success of building a den at my parents' house last week, the boys had plans for some wood they found in the shed at the weekend.

Whilst I took the opportunity to clean out the kitchen cupboards while they were in their empty post-holiday state, and before I did the shopping to fill them up again, the boys and daddy set to work.

They needed a saw, a drill, a sander, and some other odds and ends.

And here are the finished results.

Firstly they wanted to demonstrate their Roman 'Tortoise' defensive position.

And here they are with their own shields. 

James and Calum made the two Captain America ones, David made the big Roman one. David found his shield too heavy to carry though and so Calum gave him his smaller one and took the bigger one instead.

Now I just need to get them working on those three loose planks in the back fence behind them!

Oh, and thanks for the lovely Congratulations messages on our Anniversary too. Did anyone notice that I was wearing my wedding pearls in the up-to-date photo too? I forgot to mention that. They were my wedding present from my husband and are still probably my most favourite piece of jewellery he has given me.


  1. Love the pearls! Definitely a treasure!
    Your boys are so cute! My boys would love to come and defend any fort/den your boys make!

  2. I am having a delightful catch up on your blog. It looks like a wonderful summer... time on the beach, building of huts (we call them forts), the building of shields visiting your family, and the target practicing (shooting) would definitely be on my husband's lists of favorites... and would definitely rank in the romantic category for him. I think its great that you had no fear. I haven't shot anything in a long time... I have often thought I should practice again... maybe one of these days..

    Happy Anniversary by the way... you were a beautiful bride. The pearls are very pretty.
    Much Love,

  3. What CUTIES you have!!! Love those shields, your boys never cease to amaze me Kirsteen. Oh and I had to scroll down and check out those gorgeous pearls myself, they are such a lovely gift. Such a sweet hubby.


  4. My boys would have so much fun with your boys! Robert gave me pearls as a wedding gift, too! I treasure them, like you treasure yours! x

  5. I didn't realize you were wearing pearls in your updated photo! But that's a great wedding gift! My husband gave me a beautiful necklace of my choice as a wedding present, and then, there was an amazing sale going on at the store and so he was also able to purchase a beautiful bracelet for me, too! The necklace has a blue sapphire -- I chose it for my something blue . . . beside that, I LOVE blue sapphires! :)

  6. Well done lad! these are cracking skills to have at a very young age! Just imagine what yoru going to be building in 10 years time!


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