Friday, 19 August 2011

Things I'm loving Friday ♥

Time to join in with my favourite linky again.

Here are my things I'm loving this week, with a bit of a vintage theme.

Firstly, my new tiered cake stand.

I loved the colours of the cake stand, and it matches perfectly with my granny's china, which my mum brought me down recently.

I think the colours of this set match the cake stand particularly well.

But I love all the different sets, and how they match each other too even though they are different.

I'm also loving this sign that I picked up in a shop when I was home at my parents.

I haven't hung it up yet, but I'm hoping to have it just as you come in the front door.

Finally I'm loving home grown produce.

Enough berries from the garden to make a yummy mixed berry cheesecake.


  1. Love your loves. That tea set is exquisite and there's nothing like the taste of home grown berries, we love raspberries and wineberries. Yours look divine, and mmmmmmm to that cheesecake it looks delish!

  2. Those tea cups really do match your cake stand. So sweet. I love tea cups and those are all really specially.
    It is sure nice to have your Granny's tea cups. I have a
    set of my Granny's dishes (no tea cups though), and I love them.

    Its hard not to covet that sign. Very nice!
    Much Love,

  3. Oh I love vintage things!! That cake stand is beautiful! Loving the berries too.

  4. What a beautiful post!
    And that cheesecake... Oh my goodness that looks wonderful! Did you post the recipe somewhere?

  5. What a gorgeous cake stand! Oh my - that's beautiful...

    Love the tea sets too.... and then to end with that cheesecake...... drool!

  6. Beautiful china. I also love the sign.

  7. Beautiful and delicious Kirsteen. Those dishes from you granny are so lovely and how delightful that they match. I love your tier cake stand. I have been searching high and low for a cake stand. All that fruit with the lovely cupcakes and tarts are on it is so so beautiful and yes I am looking for a recipe too :)


  8. Oh the china and the tiered cake stand (and the goodies thereon), and the berries and the cheesecake.....lovely! What time did you say was tea time?

  9. Love all the adorable, vintage collections and finds! And the berries! YUM Can you pretty please send us a couple slices of the berry cheesecake? That is right up my alley as well as my hubby's! :)

    Also, check out my blog for a free book giveaway if you're interested! -- Rachel


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