Friday, 26 August 2011

Things I'm loving Friday ♥

This week I have been re-discovering my old, first love.

Settle down now, there is nothing remotely scandalous here. My old, first love on that front is still very much my current love.

No, I'm talking about this...

.........and this book

......................especially this piece

I ♥ the music of Chopin.

It is just so beautiful, both to play and to listen to.

I haven't challenged myself to learn something new for quite a while now. I'm sure you all understand how it is, what with boys, baking, cleaning, and so on.

Chopin has always been my favourite composer, although unfortunately my husband doesn't share this love - he calls it 'wrist slitting' music - Philistine!

I find everything about it so beautiful. The melodies, the amazing harmonies.....

I know I have some fellow music lovers out there. You agree with me, right?

I'm not sure how long it will take me to learn the full piece though. Back in the days when I was studying music at University, I used to practice for a minimum of 3 hours a day. Now I would be lucky to get 3 hours a week in!

So until I am brave enough to share a clip of myself playing it, have a listen to this one from youtube instead.
If you have no idea what the music of Chopin sounds like, I hope it opens your eyes....

............and your heart!


  1. Kirsteen! I had no idea you were a major lover of Chopin's music JUST like me! His piano music was always one of what I'd call my top two or three for piano and for any classical music, honestly - others I loved included Rachmaninoff (Russian composers had such feeling in their music!) and of course, Beethoven. But Chopin has always been in a class all his own. Did you ever realize that he actually utilized JAZZ chords in his music? I also enjoyed playing jazz on piano so I guess that is just another of many reasons I loved Chopin.

    To give you an idea of how much I love his music ....check out my email address for our women's Bible study! You will see! ;) His music has always moved me, even to the verge of tears. So much passion, so much depth, such feeling. Thanks for sharing this beautiful piece and reminding me of one of my first and lasting "loves".... -- Rachel :)

  2. Oh, Rachel, I have been moved to tears by him too! I have to admit that a couple of times it was when I was studying a hard piece and spending hours and hours over it, but also by the emotion of the music too.

    I love all the big Russians too, especially Rachmaninov, but I know my hands are too small to play much of his stuff. I especially love his piano concerto no3.

    Not such a big Beethoven fan though. I'm more of a Mozart girl - especially his Requiem.

    I could go on and on :0)

    Yes, I did notice your email actually. That's why when I wrote this post I knew I had someone out there who agreed with me!

  3. Ahhh...I love Chopin! I played this piece a while back, and absolutely adored it (I have yet to see "The Pianist", though)!

    Your "Philistine" comment made me laugh...but how can anyone not like Chopin? So sad. ;)

    Now, I need to go play some music! :)

  4. I came in from a long day of working in the garden. It was so hot, so to catch my breath and cool down, I caught up on my blogging, and listened to your video. I even played it while I got a cool bath... it was so lovely and peaceful. It is one of my favorites also. Thanks for sharing. I would love to hear you play. Wish I could (I am sure "chopsticks" does not count).
    Much Love,

  5. Oh you are so clever!! I haven't played the piano in years. Beautiful!!

  6. You can count me on your "side"....ehh list! :P

    I love Chopin and Mozart. Beethoven is a little further down on my list as well. I cannot wait for you to record yourself playing this beautiful piece! You are one talented girl Kirsteen! I only dream of playing something like this! If I could play the piano, this is the sort of music I would play!

  7. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Chopin! SO emotive. Also adore Rach's 3rd piano concerto, and Rach's 1st, Mvt 2 - give me tingles!


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