Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Looking back and looking forwards

All good things must come to an end, and so yesterday we took down the Christmas tree and decorations. Much as I love Christmas, I don't mind taking the decorations down either. By the time the New Year celebrations are over, the Christmas cards are starting to look too cluttered to me and I love how much bigger the living room looks once the tree is down. 

I let the boys keep their new toys around the living room while the Christmas stuff is around, but once it all goes away then it's time to find new homes for the new toys, which we did yesterday as well. Now I'm feeling very satisfied with my de-cluttered house :0)

2010 started with our littlest man just learning to sit up.........

..........and ended with him finding his feet 

Our oldest is the same age as this century so the beginning of 2010 saw him turn 10. 

Easter 2010 was spent visiting friends in Northern Ireland, where we visited all the touristy sites, including the Giant's Causeway.

In the summer Alasdair turned 1

In the summer I took the plunge and started up my blog. My very first post is here.

The rest of our year has been documented on here but highlights include our summer holidays at my parents' and my new found love of crochet.

There was also the run of birthdays. Mine, Calum's and David's

I think that should be enough background reading!

What better way to end a review of my blog-year than with a selection of photos of cakes?

(and yummy berries!)

Here's hoping that 2011 will be equally yummy!


  1. I pray this year is a blessed one for you and your family, Kirsteen. ♥

  2. Amazing what can happen in a year! I love your cakes too.

  3. I have done many of your recipes over the year, and throughly enjoyed them all, so I very much do hope that 2011 will be equally yummy also!!

    It's amazing how much you forget you've done over the year until you think or look back over it.

  4. What a beautiful year and I am so glad I found you through your blog. Your blog has blessed me greatly with joy and inspiration. I love your houseful of boys and each one is so precious. May the Lord bless you all abundantly with his Love and guidance this new year. And thank you for the pictures of all the lovely cakes you made!

    Happy New Year friend!


  5. I just learned of Hogmanay in a book I read right after Christmas!

    I, too, have reached the point of being ready to take down the decorations. I think I will wait till tomorrow or Saturday if I would like lots of help!

    Have a great day!


  6. Kirsteen, just go back and put your facenook link in for the facebook hop. I'm not the owner of the facebook hop, but just go ahead and add your link. People will figure it out. I'm in the middle of homeschool lessons with my kids, but I've got to come back and read this post of yours. Great pic.

    Don't forget to come by my fan page and leave your link on my wall if you haven't already -

    Lisa xoxo


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