Monday, 10 January 2011

What's a girl to do?

One of the Christmas presents that my husband and I received was this box.

On Christmas morning we opened it to find this:

Festive Hampers and Gift Boxes
(well, a very similar mix of chocolates. I took this image off the web as there weren't enough chocolates left in the box to do it justice!)

A few days later a visitor brought us this:
Premium Collection (430g)

Another day the boys received a few of these:

The person who brought the chocolate santas for the boys was unaware that two of them are allergic to milk so what could I do but eat them for the boys?!

And then, today when we were in the supermarket the very same santas were reduced to 10p each! 

How could I refuse such a bargain?

My name is Kirsteen, and I am a choco-holic :0)


  1. Kirsteen, we got the same box exactly!
    'Please to meet you, Kirsteen. I'm Anne, and....and er, I'm a chocaholic. There I said it.'

  2. I am not so much a chocolate lover, but I bet I could eat my body weight in red licorice!!!

    Bridget in Minnesota

  3. Hee Hee, yes, I have to go with the chocoholic crowd. It is especially bad when I am visiting one of my daughters, where we look for any reason to have a tea party with some sort of chocolate.

    Those after Christmas clearances will get you every time.

    Loved reading all your updates. Loved all your W.I.P.s
    Marie and I just went to Hobby Lobby to get some goodies for new projects.... we talked about yours with great admiration. We got some patterns for animals and baby sweaters. If I have a New Years resolution, it will be to learn to crochet and knit greater variety of projects. Hopefully we will accomplish something while I am here.
    Much love,

  4. My name is Holly and I am a
    chocoholic. I saw your thumbnail on Marie's page. I to cannot resist when the have all of those lovely chocolates on sale.

  5. Hi Holly, always nice to meet a fellow chocoholic !

  6. OH, and Bridget, I've never tried red licorice!


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