Monday, 17 January 2011

Good Morning Girls

This morning was the first day of the Good Morning Girls Bible Study in the book of James. I'm really looking forward to both to the study and getting to know the other girls in my group.

For those who have never heard of the Good Morning Girls, it is basically a group of women studying the Bible and then sharing what we have learned via email. The original aim is to have a group in roughly the same geographical area. My group has another Scottish girl (but living in England), an Irish girl, two Canadians and an American in it at the moment. Given that the conversation happens by email the area is not such a big deal, but I think some of the US groups meet together sometimes (not sure though!)

The Bible Study is not too time consuming at all, we are studying just a couple of verses a day, but boy do those verses contain a lot to think about in each of them!

We write out the verses for the day in our little notebooks, any observations we have about them, any applications we can make to our lives and anything to pray for.

This is my lovely notebook. 

It's equally pretty inside!

It's not too late for anyone else to join our group either. You can have a look at the reading plan here  and a brief recap about the Good Morning Girls here.

If you would like to join us then send me an email at the address in the sidebar. 

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  1. How fun!! I would have loved to join something like this. I just last week joined a group that starts tonight. Its called Apples of Gold. Its all women, but I am not sure what our subject will be on.

    Anyways, I can't wait to hear more about your study!



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