Friday, 14 January 2011

Recipe of the Week - Fish Fingers

I've already mentioned on here how we are not big fish fans in this house.

 I never really liked fish when I was growing up (with the exception of Salmon). My mum always used to say I needed to learn to cook it because, 'One day you will need to cook fish for your husband,' but thankfully my husband isn't so keen either (not that I made a point of finding that out before I married him!) Despite this, I do buy fish from time to time because I know it is supposed to be good for us, but the boys are also not fond of fish.

However, I have found a way for us all to enjoy fish. The boys adore these Fish Fingers, which are basically my Chicken Goujons recipe, only made with white fish instead of chicken.

They are also easy enough for children to help make, in fact they don't need much help at all, just cutting the fish and making the breadcrumbs.

Here are my two eager helpers with the bowls lined up and ready to start dipping the fish. 

Because Calum can't touch the raw egg he did the first stage of coating the fish with the flour and David then dipped it into the egg and breadcrumb.

You will need:
4 fillets of white fish, cut into finger sized chunks.
4 slices wheat-free bread, whizzed in a food processor to make crumbs.
4tbsp wheat-free flour
2 eggs, beaten

~Put your breadcrumbs, eggs and flour in 3 separate bowls.
~Coat each piece of fish with flour, then egg, then breadcrumbs and place on an oiled baking tray.
~Cook in the oven at 180C for about 15 minutes until lightly golden. Don't overcook or they will dry up.
~Serve with chips, green veg and tartar sauce. Or if you are a boy, change the tartar sauce to tomato sauce!

Once again I didn't get the photo when they came out of the oven so here is Calum's plate after he had started tucking in!

Oh, and I should add, we do love smoked salmon, especially the hot smoked Salar Salmon!

Expensive tastes.


  1. Kirsteen, thank you for following my blog!! I enjoy your blog very much! It is funny to me how different our languages are, even though they are both "English".
    I couldnt help but get tickle dby chips- here they are fries, and tomato sauce- here that is ketchup! :) I love it! Headed off ot rea dmore of you blog. P.S. I am definitely trying that recipe, looks so good!
    kuppy kskes by kristin

  2. We love fish at our house. And really all kinds of seafood. Salmon is awesome (my fave), but a lot of times we get talapia. It's not expensive and has a mild flavor. I've fried it and baked it and we like it both ways. ..Not that I'm trying to convert you to being a fish lover, but thought I'd share. ;)

  3. It is a bit like a different language, Kristin. One of my best friends here is American and she talks of diapers, chips, pants, fenders, trunks etc and they mean totally different things to me!

    Haha Tea, I'm not sure I'll ever be a complete fish convert! I've never even heard of Talapia though.

  4. I love fish and if I ever get to go out for a meal, I almost always choose fish from the menu.... mostly because, although I love it, I seldom cook it.
    However, tomorrow, we're having Cullen Skink, and I'll probably blog it, so you'll see it (but not smell it!)
    I love the 'fish fingers' idea. Like your kids, ours aren't too keen on fish.... might just try this though x

  5. Would help if I spelled it right - Tilapia ;)

  6. I've still never heard of it! But given that I never really look at the fish counter, that's not surprising!


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