Friday, 7 January 2011

Breaking the 'No resolutions' resolution

I'm not really one for making New Year's Resolutions.

I know a lot of people use the start of a new year to kick start their diet, for instance. Whilst I admire their determination to do something about something they may be unhappy about, I'm not convinced that slap bang in the middle of the long, cold and dark winter is the best time to give up the great comfort of food! In my opinion anyway.

While we are on the subject, I've never been one for diets either. I am thankful to have been brought up knowing that healthy, home-cooked meals are the best for you and that everything in moderation will do you no harm, like yesterday's Brownies :0)

Anyway, I'm moving off track here.

I don't want to paint myself as something of a saint, far from it, but I don't really have any vices I should be giving up in the New Year. I do, however have a couple of things I want to start doing, and now would seem as good a time as any to start!

Firstly, is the 90 day Bible challenge. I came across this on a blog the other day. It has just begun so won't take too much catching up. Basically it is a Bible reading plan that will enable you to read through the whole Bible in 90 days. I'd love it if  anyone else was up for the challenge too. If so, follow the link.
Secondly, and here is where I imagine everyone to be saying, 'Is she crazy? She has four boys to look after, a house to keep (and try and sell!) and a husband working away!'. I'm not crazy and yes I am busy, but this is just for fun. If it gets more than that I will simply stop. Through a friend I found out about the free language learning website Busuu. I signed up for beginners Italian and improvers French. I'd like to be able to do more than just book into a hotel, speak about the weather and introduce myself in French. I chose Italian because my friend who told me of Busuu is Italian. I've given myself 2-3 hours a week to look at the languages. I'm looking forward to it!

I will, of course, keep you all posted as to how both resolutions are going. Whether, like so many other people's resolutions, they end up on the scrapheap by the spring time remains to be seen! 


  1. I'd love to join you on the French thing.... When I was ill after the wee guy was born, I was laid up for some time, and began learning French - it was my body that had to rest - the brain was allowed to work! Sadly, it's been put to one side. With homeschooling the kids, I just don't have a minute. But all the best with it... keep us posted. x

  2. That's great, hopefully you'll get on well with both - now that you've told us and all that! I came across the 90 day bible reading before, I was quite keen to do that, but in the end I opted for doing in in a year... although I never actually managed to get through it in a year it did set off a good pattern.

  3. Great resolutions, Kirsteen. I'm like you, and most of the time don't feel any need to make resolutions, but last year I did. I would love to learn another language, so I may look into that site at some point. I took spanish in high school, but the class was a joke and I didn't come away with a whole lot.

    I hope you have a great time with it all! :)

  4. I love your resolutions and opinion! The 90 day Bible reading sounds fantastic and inspiring! I would love to know more about the language learning site! I'm going to check it out after this. Keep us updated with your progress and success!



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