Friday, 28 January 2011

Things I'm loving Friday ♥


Paisley Jade has had Things I'm Loving Friday on her blog for a while but now she has made up this little button and invited everyone else to join in too.

It's all about looking out for the simple things that make us happy each week. And there is always plenty to make you smile and be thankful.

Here are my things I'm loving this week:

How Calum has got so interested in books recently. He couldn't put this one down and this is him walking out of the train station the other day on the way home from school!

 How this little man makes everything so fun. This was him talking on his toy phone and turning a couple of big tins into a seat. And how he loves his 'raaars' too (his little slippers!)

My Good Morning Girls Bible Study. Getting to know all the girls in my group, finding out we have so much in common despite our geographical miles and encouraging each other.

A bit of a respite from the harsh winter weather so that the boys can get outside for a bit. OK, so it's still only 2 degrees out there but it's dry, not icy or snowy and they can get out on their bikes for half an hour!

Of course it goes without saying that I'm loving my boys and my beloved, and I'm also loving the fact that they get to wear their kilts to the Boys Brigade Burns Supper tonight, to a wedding tomorrow and to my 
sister-in-law's Burns Supper next Saturday!

♥  ♥  ♥


  1. I like this. I don't think I can get myself together enough to add it today, but want to add it next Friday... its a fun idea. Love that lttle book worm and your little guy on the phone. Also, I think my hubby would rejoice if I made that steak pie.. its on my list.
    Much Love,

  2. Thanks so much for joining in - I linked up your post! Loving all these things - especially people that walk while readining books!!

  3. Love it when children get into a good book like that (and I wish I made more time to do that too!).

    Nice that your boys are getting a bit of bike time :) Hope the warmer spring days arrive soon for you :)

  4. Your boys are so cute. It must be wonderful seeing them all dressed up in their kilts!

    It feels like I haven't been here in a while.. I've had a hard time keeping up on blogs lately. It's been really hit and miss. I'm glad to get to come and visit today! ♥

  5. Thanks everyone, I'm looking forward to things I'm loving every Friday and seeing what everyone else is enjoying too!

    I know how you feel Tea - sometimes if I miss a few days on someone's blog then I feel I've missed out on so much!

    Pam, it's a real man's dish :0) Lovely to see you back in the bloggy world, although you must be missing Marie and the boys ♥

  6. Following from Bloggy Moms. Your kids are so cute!

    Ry @

  7. The best thing about linking up with Paisley Jade's loves, is checking out everyone else's, and finding other blogs to love!
    Love yours!

  8. I loved what you are loving! And this really encourages me to possibly begin. Maybe not this week but the next I'll do one! I have fallen so far behind on your delightful, blog it was so refreshing to catch up! The scarf you are crocheting is just gorgeous! I know your Granny will love it!


    P.S. I did see your comment on Winston's birth story and enjoyed it so much! I also enjoyed hearing a tidbit about your stories. It encouraged me a lot :)


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