Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Graze Boxes (and a code for a free box!)

Around about November time I saw an advert in the paper for Graze boxes. The advert had the headline, 'Eat fewer biscuits'. Now anyone who has been following my blog for a while will know that I am fond of a cake or two. I do, however, try and eat healthily most of the time! When you are busy at home all day though, it is all too easy to reach for the biscuit tin for a quick snack (it is for me anyway!), and so I checked out the Graze website.

They have a whole range of healthy snacks on offer. You can choose which you do and don't want to try. They make up your box with four different snacks and post it out to you, either at home or at work, or wherever really.

The snacks include various dried fruit mixes; flapjacks; omega seed mixes; nut mixes; spicy Korean rice cracker things; mini focacia breads; olives etc. One mix is called milkshake mix and is made up of dried strawberries (yes, really, and they are yum), dried bananas and white chocolate buttons. Chocolate! In a healthy eating box! That's my kind of healthy eating :0)

Each box costs £3.49 including delivery which I think is pretty good value. You would easily pay this much in a supermarket for a similar mix of stuff. 

I started out getting two boxes a week, on a Monday and a Thursday, and had thought I would cut it down to one after a while but James & David both love the snacks too so I'm keeping it at two since I end up sharing them! 

James' favourite is the savoury seed mix; David & Alasdair love all the raisin combinations and I can't choose which I like best.

I love the surprise of opening a box and seeing what treats are in it for that day. You can also rate snacks after tasting them so if you try something you don't like, click on it and they won't send it to you again. The only thing I wasn't keen on so far was the prunes, even though they were cunningly disguised as Imperial Dried Plums, you can't fool me! 

Here is Alasdair making a bee-line for the cranberry and green raisin mix.

If you want to try out a box for free then go the website here and enter the following code where it asks for it on the right hand side:

Then tell them what you don't like on their list (if anything) and wait for your lovely snacks to come through your letter box!


  1. These boxes are fun! I ordered them in the past, I think there was a special offer running for a few boxes so I sent some to hubby's work for him. They have a huge variety of snacks, fab idea!

  2. Oo, wow a free one! I will have to check out their site! Sounds good!

  3. I have been enjoying Graze....although, given the things I have decided I don't like, I may be better going to a health food shop and doing my own mixes (including the chocolate ;-) ). I don't like the banana chips, or anything with chilli type spiciness.

  4. What a great idea. I've never heard of them. Wonder if they ship overseas. (Might be expensive that way.) I'll have to check it out. I love stuff like this. Happy Birthday to James by the way. Marie and I loved catching up on your blog together, and watching your video. You should post that steak pie recipe. Looks yummy.
    Much Love,

  5. Ohhh how fun! The snacks sound delicious and healthy! And not too expensive either! I am curios as well to know if they ship to America! I'll have to go and check :P

  6. Kirsteen, this looks so yummy and yes it is an excellent deal as well. I am trying to learn to keep Zane on healthier snacks then the easy and cheap stuff that is so easy to buy at the store it sure is a challenge at times.

    I also wanted to thank you for your sweet comment on my last post. You made me feel so much better after that lady's comment. You were so kind to stick up for me. Thanks so much dear friend.

    ~ Marie


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